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Happy marriage and healing

Study: A happy marriage can help mend physical wounds Whereas a happy marriage apparently is good medicine for both partners, hostile spouses may be harmful to one’s health. Couples in […]


Obesity May Be Linked to Sleeping Times A trend for children and adolescents to stay up later and sleep less may be linked to rising levels of obesity, according to […]

Imaginary Friends and Enemies All Good

Imaginary Friends and Enemies All Good, Scientists Say Corey Binns Special to LiveScience Tue Dec 5, 10:15 AM ET The imaginary friends a child dreams up, naughty or nice, […]

The Importance of Healthy Sleep For Children

Bill Antilla, RPSGT, Cadwell Labs, Kennewick, Washington Awareness of the importance of healthy sleep is increasing due to the efforts of many in the field of sleep medicine. A new […]