Patients with TMJ Disorders Spend 300% as much on all Medical Expenses Including Back Pain, Hip and Knee Pain.

It does not matter if you have jaw pain, neck pain, back pain or hip and knee pain there is a full body series of compensations that effect all areas of the body.
Many people act /think they can correct part of a body while ignoring full body function. This article discusses how a simple Hydraulic oral appliance can help in diagnosing underlying causes of full body Dysfunction. “Utilizing an Aqualizer® appliance to address back pain through a dental/physical therapy” approach

The second article addresses the full body mechanics: Moving toward a unified approach to TMD, airway, and full body posture

The third discusses effects of forward head posture: “The association between mandibular position to cervical spine and internal jugular vein diameters in upright position. Have we been ignoring critical generators of head and neck pathology?”

Each of these articles should be though of as building blocks of a complete structural understanding of body mechanics that can determine overall health and function. . Sir Charles Sherrington got a Nobel prize for his work on the righting reflex. The changes that take place are all part of compensation processes.

An Ascending Sherrington Distortion is an issus from the lower body ,legs/ feet hips extending upward through the body. A Descending Serringtom reflex starts with airway, head and jaw position and downward compensation.

The next link just goes to abstract but is helps understand the effects of descending disorders. Health care utilization by patients with temporomandibular joint disorders

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