Sleep Medicine School Testimonials

The following are real testimonials:

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m Erik Elchie, currently working in a sleep clinic as a PSG Technologist. I really enjoy the work. You could work during the day hours as a record scorer, or night hours, or a little bit of both.

Having a schedule that you can change to fit your current situation is great.

I used to work for a CPAP company, 9 to 5, when I’ve heard about Dr. A. Golbin’s school for PSG technologists. This profession appealed to me from the start.

When I immigrated to USA, I wanted to started a new career, but at my age of 43 I couldn’t afford to spend another 4 years in college considering responsibilities: I have a family to feed, mortgage to pay etc. Sleep tech job seems to be a great choice.

With Dr. A. Golbin’s program I was able to work full time while attending classes and lab practice. Considering my situation I was given a flexible schedule, that gave me enough time to study.

Comprehensive material and interesting lectures given by Dr. A. Golbin and other doctors, practice sessions, led by Chief Technician Nady Savinkov made it easy to absorb the necessary knowledge and practical skills.

At the end I want to say that, I wish the rest of my life was that easy and I recommend this school to anyone who is ready for a new career, good salary and doesn’t have too much time to do it.

Erik Elchie


Dina Golbin, RPSGT
Medical Student

I graduated the Career Building Course for Polysomnography Technologists at Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute in December 2004 and then received Board Certification the following year. Working as a Polysomnography Technician offered me a great experience in clinical medicine and opened many doors into the healthcare industry. I even realized my dream to become a physician. Currently I am a medical student and I plan to continue being an active member of the fascinating and fast growing field of Sleep Medicine.

I am very honored to be a graduate from Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute and am taking an active part in giving lectures for new students. I would recommend this course to any person who wished to turn their life around and embark on a new and exciting career.

Dina Golbin
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Midwestern University
Medical student