February 2007

Weight May Be Linked to Type of Bacteria By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer The size of your gut may be partly shaped by which microbes call it home, according […]

In The Mood For Food: You FEEL What You Eat Experts say what you eat can actually affect your mood. Want to feel happier? Less cranky? More calm? Check out […]

Sleep Apnea By Alexander Golbin, MD, PhD Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder occurring during sleep where an individual has recurrent episodes of stopping breathing (apnea) for short periods of […]

Stem Cells Therapy Is Not Benign Yet Stem cells are the so-called “master template cells” designated for universal use. In the body they can became cells of any specialty. They […]

Brain scans validate Freudian view of hysteria By Amy Norton Mon Dec 11, 3:44 PM ET People who suffer from what was once called “hysteria” show altered patterns of brain […]

Oral Appliances vrs CPAP, Shapira

ORAL APPLIANCES VS CPAP – Good news for patients who say “I Hate CPAP” By Ira Shapira, DDS Patients with sleep apnea often are fitted with CPAP as the first […]

Risk for Heart Attacks Rises in Winter. Do Not Worry, Just Be Ready The Wall Street Journal (December 11, 2006) reported interesting data from a study by researchers from Massachusetts […]

Personality Disorders Impair Social Functioning Problems in social functioning appear to be an enduring component of personality disorders (PDs), suggests new research from New York. Based on the expectation that […]

Slow down, Take Back Your Time Day Planners By Ellen Wulfhorst Workers of America, take a break! Born out of concern over the long hours U.S. workers put in on […]