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Polysomnography Course is given twice year: Fall-Winter, and Spring – Summer.

If You have been thinking about starting a New Career, this Course give you a great opportunity to get into Exiting and Growing Field of Sleep Medicine.
More then 8 years we have trained many technicians who are happy and successful as Sleep technologist in the hospital, research and private sleep labs in the Chicago land area and nationally.

This Course provides you an intensive training for about four month from the start as a “newcomer” to the level of preparation for the National Board Examination.It pays a special attention to the appropriate behavioral, medical and legal ways dealing with emergency situations, as well as steps to insure patient’s safety.
A special part of the Course is devoted to the prevention of health problems in sleep technicians themselves as a “shift workers”, ways to stay alert during the night shift, and other adaptive techniques.

The Course is specially designed to help those who do not have a previous experience in the medical field, and flexible to accommodate those who are presently works fulltime on the other job.

The Participants of this Course are also trained in social and interpersonal skills that are essential in interacting with patients and their families during testing.

SLEEP Technologist has to have some special PERSONALITY skills: be extremely accurate, be honest and warm with people, and be able to work independently.

SLEEP Technologist would be trained to have certain BIOLOGICAL characteristics: – improve stress management, ability to work during the night, to stay alert during dark boring hours but to react quickly and calmly in the emergency situations.

Physicians depend on sleep technologist to make the correct diagnosis.

After the completion of this Course you will be able to work in any Sleep Center as Sleep Technologist 1.

We WELCOME you in the world of Sleep Medicine.

For more information, please, contact:

Nady Savinkova – Course Director /School Coordinator

1-847-984 – 6585

[email protected]