Sleep Medicine School Course Materials

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“A-Step” Course Content

  • History of Profession

  • Review of Job Descriptions and Job Perspectives
  • Outline the Sleep Technologist’s role
  • Basic knowledge of Sleep
  • Basic Neuro-Anatomy and physiology of Sleep
  • Basic knowledge of instruments and electronics
  • EEG measurement 10/20 System
  • Sleep stages and events identifications
  • Patient history and vital signs
  • Basic knowledge of Sleep Disorders
  • Emergency strategies
  • Medications effects on Sleep
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Midterm Exam

Advanced Overnight Practical/Clinical Sessions:

  • An intensive but individualized schedule of overnight practice

  • Perform actual electrodes set-ups and monitoring patients for all sleep study tests and others daytime tests under direct supervision of certified technicians
  • Assisting in monitoring of actual patients during the night sleep study in a certified lab
  • Midterm Exam

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

  • Scoring and Tests Practice Course:

  • Training in recognizing of sleep stages during the overnight tests
  • Recognition of normal versus abnormal records parameters
  • Recognition of EEG , breathing and heart events
  • Overall scoring of sleep studies records
  • Review of the records, documentations and preparation of sleep summary.
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam

Opportunity to take a 14 on-line self – study modules as a preparation for the Board Exam