May 2007

Learn from the Real Survivors

This is a real story of Nick Sabatino. Nick was a 16 year old when his 18-year-old friend lost control of his car and the car sped down a hill […]

When she was in the shower in the morning, she would return to a strange dream as if everything around her is was not real and she did not recognize […]

By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer Substandard care at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center appears to extend to the nation’s vast network of veterans hospitals, according to the head […]

Guess what? Recent headlines in UK would have you believe that the government is showing a new interest in preventive medicine. From now on, GPs are to be allowed to […]

It has already been known that if one has daytime drowsiness, a seventeen-inch neck and has been known to snore loudly, a sleep study is the highest of priorities and […]

Many disorders are associated with a sleep time and stroke is among them. As we know, during sleep stages blood pressure varies significantly, especially in the REM stage. If the […]