About the Sleep Medicine School

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A little history.

Our School for Polysomnography Technologists (for simplicity called Sleep Technicians) was founded in 2001 at Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute (SBMI) in the North Suburbs of Chicago (accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine).

Thecreation of our School was out of acute needs to train credentialed and qualified technicians to perform such technically complex, medically responsible, professionally knowledgeable, and physically and emotionally challenging procedures as all night and/or daytime sleep studies with some interventions.

Our School was created under the leadership of the Medical Director of SBMI, Dr Alexander Golbin, MD, PhD., and developed in association with and indispensable help by other sleep doctors and technicians, such as: Dr. Neil Freedman, MD., FCCP; chief technician Nady Savinkova, Vlad Khokhlov RPSGT, Gary Henson RPSGT, Elina Mykhailova, RPSGT, Yuriy Kats, RPSGT in consultation with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), Registered Polysomnography Technologists (RPT) Association, and soon became a Chicago premier provider of Sleep Technologists not only for SBMI, but for several major sleep centers in the area.