November 2005

Colin Shapiro Interview

Deena Sherman If there’s any doubt what Colin Shapiro does for a living – just observe his tie. There, depending on the day, you will find the sun, the moon, […]

Dear Dr. Sleep: Help! For years I’ve been able to hide my sleep problems, but now, with children who have to be carpooled, and get to school on time, I […]

In the Dream World, Anything can happen. A fish could be a bird, Or two animals overlapping. In the Dream World, No one is ever left out. No one ever […]

Jim Parks, A Journey Into Light, Inc.“Meditation works!” This is a simple, but profound statement. It is becoming widely accepted that meditation and its cousins: guided meditation, visualization, stress mangement, […]

Effexor (Ventafoxine ) is a realitively new psysoactive medication, which might be helpful to improve depressed mood, decrease anxiety, and fight fatigue. Effexor is different from typical antidepressents. It works […]