November 2006

By Mark Jacobs, Pharm.D. Over the past several years, the public has become very familiar with the terms osteoporosis, as it is written about in the daily papers and the […]

The Oregon Health & Science University recently posted an on-line report (Drug Class Review on Newer Sedative Hypnotics, December 2005) that offers an answer to this question. The authors conclude […]

Among various psychiatric disorders that can cause a sleep disorder, anxiety disorders are the most prevalent in the general community. In fact, an anxiety disorder is present in 15% to […]

According to some research from Northwestern University in Chicago, central nervous cell shrink when the organism has strong and chronic pain. It is interesting, however, that if the pain is […]

An interesting article by a cancer survivor, Joshua Charlson, appeared in the Chicago Tribune on July 31, 2005 speaking against Lance Armstrong’s image as a fighter against cancer. Armstrong has […]