New Definition of “Normal Sleep Quality and Quantity” to Be Developed

New Definition of “Normal Sleep Quality and Quantity” to Be Developed

As the field of sleep medicine rapidly grows, and influences many aspects of public policy, the old definition of “normal,” “quantity” and “quality” of healthy sleep are being challenged.

The National Sleep Foundation issued a request for a proposal for a panel of experts to develop an upgraded definition of what is “normal quantity and quality” of sleep. New normative data will have crucial impact on every aspect of societal life from the time school starts to the work shifts in space.


Ambulatory Oxygen

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Sleep System

Easy II Sleep, according to manufacturer Cadwell Laboratories, Inc., is a high-performance, exceptionally affordable sleep system. The system offers a 32-channel AC amplifier, built-in oximeter, patient set-up sensor kit, flash simulator, mobile floor stand, power supply, acquisition and review software, and an electrode kit. The intuitive interface works with Windows 95/98. You can also expand its capabilities with synchronous digital video/audio that records up to 72 hours to help correlate events on the PSG record. Independent validation studies confirm its high performance.