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adopted from CNN, January 24, 2002 Researchers at Oxford University in London, England have discovered that the traditional cure for sleeplessness, which is believed to date back to the early […]

Sleep, do not forgo me, for it is with great anticipation that I await your adventures To you, I entrust my soul each night, that I should be led through […]

Few drugs have received such public attention and been publicized like Ritalin (with the exception of Prozac). This is likely because Ritalin is used for children. Ritalin has been in […]

Thursday January 3 2:21 PM ET Many Factors in Russia Hypothermia By SARAH KARUSH, Associated Press Writer MOSCOW (AP) – “Don’t sleep, you’ll freeze,” Russians often say in a metaphoric […]

Doctor Oster is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice. A faculty member of the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Dr. Oster teaches doctoral students in the areas […]

The clock shows 1:30 am and the child is still not asleep. All he can do is think about what is out there. His mind races and he is convinced […]

The Role of the Heart in Sleep

Dr. Sushil Sharma, M.D. When we sleep many parts of our body are resting, but not our heart. Cardiologists and Sleep Medicine specialists discovered unusually intensive heart activity heart in […]

Linda Searing HealthScoutNews Reporter FRIDAY, Nov. 23 (HealthScoutNews) — People may think small kids don’t generally get as sick as grown-ups. But new research shows that when bipolar disorder, or […]

French scientists recently have warned against the indiscriminate use of Melatonin. Despite the fact that Melatonin has been released for public use in the United States by the Food and […]