Founder and Director of Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Program

Dr. Veronica Drantz was educated at the University of Illinois and DePaul University, earned a Ph.D. in animal physiology, and has devoted her life to teaching science to medical professionals and other students. Since 1982, she has taught a wide variety of science courses at East-West University where she is now tenured and serves as Director of the Biological & Physical Sciences program. In addition, Dr. Drantz is on the faculty of DePaul University’s Graduate School Nursing Department having taught for twenty-eight years in the School of Anesthesia (now headquartered at Evanston-Northwestern Healthcare School of Anesthesia but formerly at Ravenswood Hospital) and in more recent years in the Nurse Practitioner’s program as

In 1988, Dr. Drantz founded the Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (ENDT) program at East-West University and currently serves as the director. The ENDT program is the only college program in the Chicago area offering courses and clinical practicums in electroencephalography, evoked potentials, and polysomnography. The program will soon be expanded to include nerve conduction velocity testing, electromyography and intraoperative monitoring. The ENDT program has a curriculum strong in human biology and neuroscience and consists of a two-year program conferring an associate degree with a major in Biology and emphasis in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology and a third year certificate program focused on advanced procedures. Hands-on training is provided in the many excellent affiliated hospital laboratories and clinical sites. Exceptional students are often hired by a hospital well before graduation and complete the program while being paid and getting clinical practicum credit for their work.

The ENDT program serves many types of students. Technologists already employed in the field can take just the courses they wish to learn in additional electroneurodiagnostic procedures and/or prepare for the registration or certification exams. Many foreign medical doctors have also studied in the program.

Persons interested in pursuing a career in the exciting and burgeoning field of electroneurodiagnostic technology are invited to contact Dr. Drantz.

Dr. Veronica Drantz
Director – ENDT Program
East-West University
816 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago IL

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