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Peter Dodzik, Psy.D., Managing Editor I thought that the idea had run its course and I had really believed for a while that I would not have to answer questions […]

Adopted from the Guardian Unlimited, 12/14/01 Driver fatigue is estimated to play a significant part in up to 25% of accidents on motorways and fast roads. Research has also shown […]

Adopted from the Los Angeles Times, January 5, 2002 Everyone experiences dreams, but many people have trouble remembering what they are. Dreams take people to places and situations that may […]

Alexander Golbin, M.D. Are you ashamed of having irresistible urges to yawn in front of guests or in an important meeting? I was. I thought that it was a sign […]

Ira L. Shapira, DDS, FICCMO Surgery on the soft palate has been a popular treatment for snoring and sleep apnea beginning with the UP3 or uvulopaltophayngealplasty. Initially it was thought […]

Selective Mutism - a mother's perspective

At age 4 our daughter, Michelle, was diagnosed with Selective Mutism (SM). SM is a psychiatric disorder most commonly found in children. It is characterized by a “consistent failure to […]

Do Animals Have Sleep Disorders?

Sleep Disorders are common in humans, but many scientists wonder whether these same problems can occur in animals as well. There is some research to suggest that the answer is […]