Alternative Sleep Medicine

Some Herbal Sleep Products Lack Key Claimed Ingredient

Only nine of the seventeen Valerian products passed the’s testing. For products completely lacked the marker compounds that identify the presence of Valeriana Officinalis and four others has roughly […]

REIKI – Universal Life Energy

Universal life energy flows through all living things. We interact with everybody by “chain” of energies and in the energy field lies the reason for our health or disease, success […]

What is hypnosis good for?

Marc I. Oster, Psy.D., ABPH When teaching beginning workshops or courses, or when speaking to the public, or even professional groups, I’m often asked, “Is hypnosis good for (insert your […]

Adopted from New York Times 6/2000 People are taking more and more nutritional and herbal supplements, but these are not often asked about or reported during routine physical examinations. Doctors […]

Natural Healers - Spiritual Healers

Alexander Golbin Some people have the rare ability to create tranquil, healthy and happy atmosphere by their mere presence. Sylvia Gerber is one such person. She can calm down the […]