Apneas & Respiration

Is There Any Way to Stop Snoring?

At its worst, snoring can be a manifestation of sleep apnea — periods of arrested breathing during sleep that are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. More than […]

Learn from the Real Survivors

This is a real story of Nick Sabatino. Nick was a 16 year old when his 18-year-old friend lost control of his car and the car sped down a hill […]

Sleep Apnea & CPAP Devices What is sleep apnea? In some people, the windpipe that brings air into the body is blocked during sleep. This keeps the lungs from getting […]

Pacemakers May Reduce Sleep Apnea

A cardiologist in Boston reportedly became curious as to why patients who had been given pacemakers were suddenly snoring less. What he discovered could potentially revolutionize the treatment of sleep-related […]

The Role of the Heart in Sleep

Dr. Sushil Sharma, M.D. When we sleep many parts of our body are resting, but not our heart. Cardiologists and Sleep Medicine specialists discovered unusually intensive heart activity heart in […]