Lingual Frenectomty: How Fascial release can create a healthier and more physiological position for the tongue jaw and head posture.

Prevention of Snoring, TMJ disorders, headaches, migraines, postural distortions ADD and ADHD can all be done with well timed lingual frenectomies along with Oral and Myofunctional Therapy

Abnormal fascial ties lead to a lifetime of aberrant swallowing and repetitive strain injuries of head and neck musculature. This is a common cause of orthodontic relapse, especially with open bites.

I have lectured for many years on “The Common Developmental Pathways of Sleep Apnea, Snoring, TMJ Disorders, Orthodontic disorders, Headaches, migraines, ADD, ADHD and other behavioral disorders.” I first gave this lecture to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in 1998 where it was edited and turned into a chapter in a textbook of Anti-Aging Medicine

For Laser Tongue Tie relief in adults and children in the Chicago -Milwaukee Metropolitan Region especially along the North Shore contact my office through my website.

My youtube channel has patent testimonials of adults treated for TMJ, Chronic Daily Headaches, Migraines, Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Most of these patients could have avoided these problems with early interventional treatment.

Infant Laser Frenectomies Chicago-Milwaukee region:
Dr Milton Geivelis is a Diplomate Periodontist and former Director of Graduate Periodontics at Northwesten University and does ligual frenectomies in new born infants. 630-830-4930

Fred Margolis is a Highland Park Pedodontist who also does infant frenectomies and has taught courses in Laser Surgery.. (224) 927-9321

The most important time to release tongue Tie is right after delivery. Many OB-GYN are beginning to understand the importance of this procedure to the health of the mother and infant and beginning to free lingual frenums immediately after delivery. This is still a small percentage of all babies born with restricted lingual frenums. The lingual frenectomy is a seperate cost to the parents and all pregnant women should ask their doctors about the procedure early in their pregnancy.

A tongue tie is a type of failed apoptosis similar to a baby being born with webbed fingers. Tongue Tie is an enormous problem for mothers who want to do the best for their child and breastfeed their infants. When they have infants that cannot latch, get poor latching or for mothers who have severe nipple pain with nursing. This can be a cause of great concern and anxiety in young mothers. The tongue tie is one of the most common problems. Lactation consultants are often the professionals who figure out that the issue is a tight frenum.

Dentists are the primary doctors who preform frenectomies but the diagnosis is made too late to get ideal jaw formation.

Tongue Tie creates a wide variety of abnormal development of the cranial and facial bones to to altered function. In medicine, “form follow function” is a basic premise where abnormal function leads to abnormal development.

In primitive societies midwives would routinely cut lingual frenum with a thumb nail sharpened to a razor edge. They would then immediately hand the baby for the mother to nurse even prior to delivery of after birth.

Every procedure carries a risk. This ling is the story of a patient who had severe problems after a lingual frenectomy. This patient was a very poor choice for a lingual frenectomy due to pre-existing tongue pain (burning mouth syndrome) and other pain issues.


Chronic Pain patients should only have lingual frenectomies as part of an overall pain treatment plan. Te patient obviously had undiagnosed TMJ disorders that were addressed only after a poor result. Ideally, most patients should have tongue tie release in conjunction with a Oral Myofunctional Therapist.

Dr Shapira and his wife Anna have recently taken the AOMT course in Oral Myofunctional Therapy due to scarcity of local therapists.

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