Diabetes Cure Possible: Stem Cells Derived From Neural Crest and Developing Tooth Bud Converted to Insulin Producing Cells

Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells have the potential to treat diabetes according to Dr Wayne Franco, president of NEW HEART LLC.

Highland Park, Illinois, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) November 12, 2011 — Dr Wayne Franco is president of New Heart LLC sees a major escalation in stem cell therapies in the near future. According to Dr Franco, the developing tooth bud which is derived from the neurl crest may be the richest and most versatile source of viable stem cells. There are advantages of these Stem Cells compared to Umbilical Cord Blood and Embryonic Stem Cells. The lab reports on stem cells from wisdom tooth buds are impressive.

New Heart has been involved in utilizing umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat traumatic and hypoxic brain damage. Dr Franco and Dr Shapira from Dato-Tech have joined forces to provide a new source of Stem Cells for parents who missed the window of opportunity to save their children’s Cord Blood.

Dr. Wayne Franco and Dr. Ira Shapira have a patent pending to harvest stem cells from wisdom teeth.
In the lab these stem cells have become functioning pancreatic cells that secrete insulin. They will have
the potential to treat diabetes.

Contact Dr Wayne Franco the CEO, New Heart, LLC directly at 860-305-6041 or by e-mail at
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It is the opinion of Dr. Franco and Dr Shapira to have wisdom teeth be removed as early as age 8 or 9 for
anyone with a history of diabetes or a family history of diabetes. The wisdom teeth can be harvested
for stem cells and banked for future use.

Dr Shapira has several patents on devices designed for collection of stem cells during early prophylactic rmoval of third molar tooth germs (buds) prior to calcification. These procedures can be done atraumatically in a couple of minutes with minimal discomfort or morbidity.

There is a relatively high morbidity associated with wisdom tooth removal when removal is delayed until adulthood. Parasthesia or permanent numbness occurs in3-5% of patients as well as dry sockets, osteomyelitis, bone loss to adjacent teeth and chronic pain from TM Joint (TMJ) damage or muscle and soft tissue damage.

According to BBC News: “The world’s first clinical trial of brain stem cells to treat strokes is set to move to its next phase. The assessment paves the way for the therapy to be tested on more patients to find a new treatment for stroke.”

The story also states “The hope is that the stem cells will help to repair damaged brain tissue” and this is exactly what Dr Franco has been working toward. He has multiple patents on utilizing stem cells to treat Autism and Traumatic Brain injury. The BBC report can be found at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-14731682.

Dr Franco has already used stem cells from Cord Blood in pediatric patients “Cord blood wakes up drowning victim’s brain” is a headline that thrills Wayne Franco MD. Dr Wayne Franco wants to drastically improve the lives of children and adults with brain damage, stroke, brain trauma and cerebral palsy.”

Dr. Franco and New Heart Foundation’s licensee, Cord Blood Registry, recently posted encouraging results using a patient’s cord blood stem cells to treat her after a drowning accident left her with moderate to severe brain damage.

Two-year-old Sparrow Morris drowned in her family’s pool and as a result lost oxygen for approximately 45 minutes and suffered two cardiac arrests. She was not expected to live. She did survive the drowning, but was but left with significant brain damage

She was a beautiful two year old who only functioned at the level of a 3 month old infant.

Fortunately, her parents had stored her cord blood stem cells with Cord Blood Registry. A year after her accident her parents were called by Cord Blood Registry and were told about an experimental treatment they were involved in at Duke University. Little Sparrow went to Duke University where she was treated with an infusion of her own cord blood stem cells. Within a day, her parents reported a dramatic improvement and she continues to improve. Her parents report she has not reached a plateau in her recovery since the stem cell treatment.

New Heart Foundation and Cord Blood Registry together have patent pending protocols to treat stroke, cerebral palsy, brain trauma, and low oxygen injury to the brain. Cord blood registry has successfully treated cerebral palsy and is actively recruiting patients for stroke, brain trauma, and low oxygen injury to the brain.

Unfortunately, many patients suffer from these conditions. In addition, there is little in the way of available treatments for these conditions. United States statistics for these conditions include : Stroke: 6 million patients, Brain Trauma: 1.7 million, and Cerebral Palsy: 1 million.

Dr Franco has been desperate to offer the benefits of cord blood stem cells to all the patients with brain damage and serious neurologic deficit diseases but is stymied because most parents have not banked their children’s cord blood.

Stem cells from lost baby teeth and wisdom teeth are being banked but are generally of lower quality. Dr Franco is now working with a Gurnee, Illinois dentist, Dr Ira L Shapira who is president of Dato-Tech and has method and device patents on the collection of stem cells from minimally invasive prophylactic removal of wisdom tooth buds before calcification.

The optimal time to remove tooth buds from the developing wisdom teeth is between ages 7-12. It is New Heart’s hope that these stem cells will have a role in the treatment of multiple neurological disorders.

Most stem cell companies are about one type of stem cell. It is New Heart’s vision to combine more than one type of stem cell for optimal success.

Dr Franco is currently providing an opportunity for patients to have prophylactic removal of wisdom teeth buds and subsequent processing, evaluation, and storage of stem cells.

Wayne Franco MD, CEO, New Heart, LLC
[email protected]

New Heart LLC has recently joined with Dato-Tech LLC a Highland Park, Il company and its founder Dr Ira L Shapira a Gurnee Dentist to change the future of dentistry and medicine. Dr Franco and Dr Shapira have joined forces to harness the power of these pluripotent stem cells. These cells represent a second chance for parents who did not save their infants umbilical cord blood and they may prove superior to umbilical cord blood stem cells because of their orgin from the neural crest. Developing tooth buds have the ability to grow rapidly without the chemical attacks used to convert adult cells into stem cells.

Dr Franco and Dr Shapira are hoping to receive endorsements as “THE ETHICAL ALTERNATIVE” to embryonic stem cells from the Vatican and other Catholic groups as well as Southern Baptists and other religious groups who reject the use of Embryonic Stem Cells. While both Dr Franco and Dr Shapira believe in embyonic stem cell research they believe that the developing tooth bud may be more valuable over the long term.

Dr Shapira has method and device patents for collecting stem cells from the developing tooth bud. While he envisioned these cells being collected from prophylactically removing the developing third molars (wisdom teeth) Dr Franco realized that if stem cells were needed at an earlier age for essential life-changing medical treatment they could be obtained from other developing teeth at a much younger age.

Dr Franco believes that the explosive growth seen in stem cells from the tooth bud shows they are at least as viable as cord blood and probably superior. Currently there are only a few dentists in the U.S. doing collections.

Dr Shapira is hoping that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons will embrace prophylactic removal of the developing third molars and collection of possibly priceless stem cells for their patients.

Studies have shown that there are risks associated with retained wisdom teeth and that there is also a considerable risk of morbidity when removing third molars. Early prophylactic removal of third molars will reduce both of these risks.

A press release (October 19, 2010) from the AAOMS stated:

“Conventional Wisdom about Wisdom Teeth Confirmed Evidence Shows Keeping Wisdom Teeth May Be More Harmful than Previously Thought”

Having wisdom teeth removed during young adulthood not only improves dental and oral health, but may also reduce the chance of illness later in life, according to research from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), surgeons, and academics.

More information can be found online at http://www.Sleepandhealth.com