Jeffrey Immelt: Job Czar or Greed Czar? His Split Loyalties Will Not Allow Mr. Immelt to Function Effectively

Mr. Immelt is the head of President Obama’s job council knows the secret explosive job growth in the U.S.

Jeffrey Immelt is the chairman of GE and is responsible for the exportation of more American jobs than any other business leader. He is also responsible for destruction of more Americans financial security than any other single individual. When interviewed by Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes he clearly explained that he is an American but that GE is a global company and as its chairman he puts company profits as his primary concern.

Mr. Immelt did reveal the secret to restoring American jobs to Lesley during the interview but as phenomenal a journalist as she is she missed the opportunity to ask the obvious question.

It is very easy to paint Mr. Immelt as evil and unpatriotic because of the massive destruction of jobs and families he has ruined by putting GE profits ahead of American workers. He is not evil; he is actually just extremely effective in creating profits for GE stockholders. That includes a large percentage of the 401Ks and pension plans of many millions of Americans.

The secret Immelt revealed on how to creating jobs was just one sentence. He described how one plant was hiring new workers due to the weakness of the Dollar. That is the ultimate secret to restoring millions and millions of jobs. A WEAKER DOLAR! The obvious question was: Shouldn’t we devalue the Dollar through monetary easing to create explosive new job growth?

The reason China is exploding with manufacturing is that they have kept the YUAN artificially low relative to the Dollar. This makes Chinese products very inexpensive to import and allows companies like GE to make windfall profits by exporting American jobs, manufacturing and technology to China.

The current job crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. The exportation of manufacturing and technology is ultimately going to destroy our economy and is the greatest threat to national security. Advances in manufacturing occur where the manufacturing occurs therefore China will pull ahead of the U.S..

Mr. Immelt told us the solution to lack of jobs. Significant monetary (quantitative) easing will lower the value of the dollar. This will make imports more expensive and our exports will be more competitive. This will reverse the troubling trend of our vanishing manufacturing sector. This money can be used to lower the deficit and rebuild and expand our crumbling infrastructure.

The Swiss devalued the Franc due to worries about high unemployment (currently 2%) and the British have devalued the Pound. Japan’s central bank is buying Dollars to keep the Yen lower in value to the Dollar.

Quantitative easing will mean our debts our paid back with less valuable Dollars. It will also create an environment of business expansion and investment to avoid loss of Dollar asset values.

This should be combined with new laws that tax job exportation and reward job creation with tax breaks. The explosive increases in manufacturing employment will take a few years to materialize. Jobs in infrastructure improvements will come much more quickly.

Dropping taxes on gasoline and other fuels will offset the inflationary effects of higher oil prices. We must also open up access to new oil and gas exploration and build necessary infrastructure to exploit new finds. Alternative energy will become financially viable without subsidies as oil prices rise.

Is Jeffret Immelt the most evil man in America? The answer is no, but he is certainly not a patriot who puts his country first but rather is a global capitalist who puts profits first. Patriotism is not on his agenda as a corporate capitalist. It is the open conspiracy between China and it’s artificially undervalued Yuan and Wall Street who willing subverts America’s best interests in favor of profits that is the problem.

Since global capitalism is not about American patriotism it is essential that an the United States creates a playing field where the best interests of these global companies is to create American jobs.

The Ben and Jerry Tax Plan outlines a program to correct these abuses. A preliminary draft of the Ben aand Jerry Tax Plan can be found at: … 243549.php

Dr Ira L Shapira is an author and section editor of Sleep and Health Journal, President of I HATE CPAP LLC, President Dato-TECH, and has a Dental Practice with his partner Dr Mark Amidei. He has recently formed Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates. He is a Regent of ICCMO and its representative to the TMD Alliance, He was a founding and certified member of the Sleep Disorder Dental Society which became the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, A founding member of DOSA the Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, A Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, a graduate of LVI. He is a former assistant professor at Rush Medical School’s Sleep Service where he worked with Dr Rosalind Cartwright who is a founder of Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr Shapira is a consultant to numerous sleep centers and teaches courses in Dental Sleep Medicine in his office to doctors from around the U.S. He is the Founder of I HATE CPAP LLC and Dr Shapira also holds several patents on methods and devices for the prophylactic minimally invasive early removal of wisdom teeth and collection of bone marrow and stem cells. Dr Shapira is a licensed general dentist in Illinois and Wisconsin.