America’s Disease through the Eyes of a Doctor – Dr. Alexander Golbin

Our country, United States of America, has become sick. This is clear to everyone, especially to us, the older generation, who still remember the Soviet Union and its history of revolutionary birth, “perestroika” and, ultimately, the funeral of socialism. We are afraid of a repeat of socialism “with a human face” here in America. Human faces, as we know, (and, especially, hearts) can be very “inhumane”. Whether we want to or not, this disease has already touched each of us. If you don’t believe it, talk to your youngest daughter, go to the schools, read your friends ‘ apologies that they won’t be able to come to your anniversary party because there will be a Mr. X with opposite beliefs. No wonder they say: “if you don’t follow the politics, the politics follow you.”    

We, former Soviet citizens, who live in America are a small community, but we are part of this country. Her fate is also our fate. So it would be better to know what we are sick of and what lies ahead. And better to find treatment, because we have nowhere to go….But could medical doctors (if they are not politicians) say anything of significance about this situation? They could and they should…

Society is a “living social organism”. The concept of society as a “living organism” came from Aristotle and Plato.  In general, sociologists say, the relationship between the three main functions of society: culture, politics and economics determines the degree of development of society. But, as it turned out, this is not everything. And they are not even the main thing.  There are still other internal laws of the nature of organisms, and “treason” of them leads to disease and demise even of large empires. How many great societies have been reborn, degenerated, and simply disappeared from the face of the earth taking along with these social Titanics, great cultures and people who did not understand or did not accept the natural course of events disappeared into the abyss of history …

Modern science has proved that the basic principles of survival of organisms are similar for both animals (i.e. man) and society. The comparison of a “social organism” with an animal one is not a superficial analogy, but, at a certain level, a very adequate model of the basic principles of the normal functioning of an any “living organism”, as doctors would say, or, in the terminology of physicists, an “open system”. What are the laws and principles on the basis of which doctors can objectively diagnose the diseases of society?

Like any organism, societies are born, develop, reach the top, go through a period of stagnation (aging), which leads to violations of the “immune” control system (anarchy). It will inevitably be followed by civil war (“inflammation”). No wonder in Latin “inflammation” means “ignition”, which ends if not with recovery, then with the rebirth of the old system (revolution), or the death of this society.

What period of development is America in now? Diagnosis?

– In medical language – self-destruction of the immune system of the country’s body.

In lay terms – the systematic destruction of the police. The neutralization of the army. Uncontrolled anarchy and banditry.

At all times there were doctors and soothsayers, which were set by early diagnosis and loudly warned about the impending disaster, but they were the first victims as the Cassandra in Troy, as medium Eric Hanussen who was killed by order of Hitler, as spies, reporting to Stalin about the date of the attack on the Soviet Union… Someone wise once said that “history does not teaches, but rather punishes us when we do not learn its lessons.”

Note that the authors of reconstructions of social systems from utopians to Marxists, from Masons to the global all-human society of “equality and justice”, did not take into account the biological laws of human social nature.  These societies “fell ill” and, according to Alexander Mitscherlich’s definition, turned into “pathological” societies.  The famous 19th-century psychologist Hebert Spencer wrote about the “Social Organism” based on the psychological concept of behaviorism.

In addition to philosophical and psychological abstract constructions about the “social organism” in modern physics and biology, there is a strictly scientific concept called “Open Systems Theory” that is applicable to society and its “diseases”.  Its author, physicist and biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy, showed that nature is divided into two groups: “closed” and “open” life systems. “Closed systems” are those that do not actively interact with nature – for example, a stone lying on the road. “Open systems” are those that ACTIVELY interact with the surrounding nature. All living organisms belong to open systems, including not only animals and man, but also any society, a social organism that functions (lives) only in relation to the environment and other societies.

At first glance, the laws of open systems (organisms) seem simple and self-evident. To live and survive all organisms must:

  1. Have an internal vertical hierarchical multi-level structure, where each level has a strictly LIMITED range of “freedom”.
  2. Each part (organ) must interact with others and, if necessary, take on additional loads and, even, “other” functions, as compensation for preserving the integrity of the entire body (“part obeys the whole”). In biology, there is no “individualism” of organs and no unlimited “freedom”.
  3. In critical situations, there must be a higher level (organ, leader) who assumes absolute power and makes crucial decisions (the Captain of a ship during a storm, the General during a battle. The Leader in the expedition.)
  4. As it is not politically correct, but there is a strict biological law of all living (open) organisms – the law of “sacrifice”: Not vital functions can be sacrificed for the sake of preserving the integrity of the body (society) as a whole. When freezing, the body sacrifices its fingers, but saves the liver and brain by sending warm blood there; during the war, everything was given to the Army. We accept as a fact that, during disasters and wars, doctors clearly know when and what to “cut off” so that the body survives and who to save first, even in situations where the question is decided – to save the first mother or her child. The same thing happens in an adequate group and a country.
  5. In any organism (including social) there must be a strictly organized system of internal control (the immune system in animals, the judicial and punitive system in society), which removes and even kills foreign bodies and diseased cells (like “killer cells” in the animal body)

This is what happens in a living, healthy body.  This is usually the case in society, if it is healthy.   Currently, the concept of Bertalanffy has been tested , confirmed and refined many times and is now known in biology and physics as the “Theory of Reliability (“survivability”) of Systems” (i.e, organisms).

Let’s apply the Bertalanffy’s concept to today’s America – a sick social organism whose survival or death will affect the survival or even death of one of us…

Biology and medicine divides diseases into several categories:  Developmental disorders (genetics, birth, upbringing, aging); structural disorders (congenital and acquired defects, injuries); functional disorders (physiological arrhythmias), inflammation and tumors.

America’s “Innate” Problems.

America is a land of foreigners.  Its history spans two and a half centuries and only a dozen generations. Almost every family adheres to the culture of their ancestors and identification. We want to be called “the American people”, but even officially say: “I am African American”, “He is Russian American”, “They are Mexican American”, and so on. It follows that in our country, the concept and acceptance of America as “homeland” are not “genetically” laid down, i.e. there is no “internal patriotism” for which you can give your life.  In the early stages of the emergence of a new country and a new order, this was a positive and stimulating factor in the enthusiasm of the newcomers.

To the credit of America, there was a period when the concepts of “American people”, “patriotism”, homeland, and the peacefulness between skin colors, almost entered the flesh and blood of this former great country. World Wars united America. As Mark Saltzberg, a fellow at the University of Houston Space Center, wrote at the time … “the country was quite monolithic, and its citizens, who came from Europe, treated it as their native country. After all, despite their multi-nationality, the people of America had a common base, namely Christianity, a common European education system, a common concept of morality, which is even more important. Even theater and sports. The mentality was unified. Even the understanding of everyday concerns and the desire for education and highly qualified work were united. The concept of homeland has already entered the soul and consciousness of Americans. During the two world wars, American soldiers fought for the honor of their homeland. During World War II, when the country learned of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Americans were gripped by a single wave of indignation. Is this not patriotism? Roosevelt’s Declaration of war elicited popular support. Everyone considered it their duty and honor to join the army. Many celebrities of that time in Hollywood went to war as volunteers: Harry Cooper, James Stewart, Jimmy Carney, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra. Multi-millionaires-volunteer as pilots.

After the war, Europeans and Americans fell into self-flagellating philanthropy and rushed to “restore justice”. The gate opened. Through broken walls, as through removed skin, Europe and America were flooded with elements with traditions and concepts that were alien and incompatible with the civilization of European emigrants. Christianity as a uniting religion, and, at the same time, the traditions of European civilization associated with it, withered and the infection of well-organized Islamization and viruses of chaotic internecine tribal strife went into battle…

Less than half a century later, patriotism and similar concepts became a ridiculous relic of the past.  But very soon the fact of lack of patriotism led to the fact that every newcomer wanted to conquer (“have») America (capture what is possible and what will happen to the country later – it doesn’t matter). This is also the reason why in America it is now easy to sell any secrets to their “home” and even to enemy countries, why newspaper men are ready to destroy the country’s heroes for a handout from their masters, and why military chiefs are willing to sell off their subordinates who took the blame to save the honor of their superior officers.

As Boris Gulko wrote: “the newborn country changed many times, becoming a “different product”, much like milk turns into cheese… What would happen if they (the Founding Fathers) and their associates….would rise ( from the grave) and appeared in today’s world?.. They would be rejected by our progressive society as obscurantists, possessing all possible phobias, belonging to the despicable category (hetero-sexual) men, endowed with “privileges of whites”.

The problem is not that there are many religions, languages, ways of life, and civilizations in the country of the newcomers, but that they are not connected and are not compatible with each other, that there is no unifying emotional and ideological link.

Diagnosis: Our Country suffers from “Multiple Personality Disorder”. Multiple faces with the loss of the basic unifying personality. The lack of patriotism is at the very core of America as an “Country of foreigners”. To survive America needs to define the unifying identity (“personality”).

The next ” time bomb” is hidden in the Constitution itself. When entering into Citizenship, the Oath is given to paper (the Constitution), and not to the “Holy Land”, as in all other countries. Therefore, an unprecedented number of lawyers have divorced, who parasitize the poor Constitution and prostitute it, pulling up its old text, created for a DIFFERENT society with a DIFFERENT culture.

Man is bound to the land. Wars are waged for the land! For The Motherland!

Too many amendments have been introduced since America’s existence, cleansing the original fresh “spirit” from the Constitution.  The Constitution was created on the basis of the noble  but utopian idea of equality of all before God. They were referring to the values of European civilization. No one wanted to accept the reality that there could be no Equality in biology or in society.                                                                                                                                                          The one who does not recognize the Law of Nature – Nature does not recognize the one!

Take, for example, the Right to “Freedom of Speech”, statements, disputes and opinions.  Super! But the Founding Fathers did not take into account that human nature does not tolerate restrictions if there is no fear of PUNISHMENT (By God, Conscience, tradition, social exclusion, or physical death). The Fathers did not explicitly state that freedom of speech is not the freedom of insults and spitting in the face. That’s what we got. The remarkable principle of “Freedom of Speech” has been transformed into a gross perverse pathology.

Unlimited Freedom of any function in medicine is called “cancer”.  Unrestricted Freedom in society is called democracy (or tyranny). In all cases, the outcome is tragic. Doctors do understand. Politicians  do not!

 There are several other innate provisions in the Constitution, which are remarkable in design, but without taking into account the periods of development and maturation of social organisms. The frequent (only 4-8 years) change of elected presidents with opposite attitudes does not provide for continuity and a multi-year strategic plan for the country’s development. As long as there was freedom of monopolies and their “owners” were vitally interested in the development of industries, which the state did not interfere with, everything was “OK” , except for complications such as periodic financial collapses (“Depressions”). As soon as the founders of monopolies “aged” and transferred power to “Public Companies”, almost immediately motivation disappeared, No one was now responsible for anything. Internal discipline has disappeared. Trade unions, the government and politicians have come into power where quick profits are more important than the long-term interests of the country. Paradoxically, this became known as “democratic governance”.

What is good for children can be fatal for adults. Rigid attachment of society to any canon (Bible, Constitution, “eternal traditions”) it is good in the “children’s” period of its development, but without the ability to adapt to new realities, it leads to pathology.

Diseases of The State Structure.

Someone said during the Obama presidency: ” A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots…We did the former some 240 years ago and achieved the latter in the past seven years..”.

The Founding Fathers conceived the United States as a Republic uniting 50 States. Trying to preserve the state as a whole, the first organizers of the United States conceded the main thing – they gave too much power to the States instead of strengthening Federal power with a language, a unified educational and judicial – punitive system. The basic principle of the integrity of the “survivability” of the body called the United States of America has been canceled – there is no clear vertical structure of power with a Leader at the head. In a crisis situation (today), this led, literally, to “schizophrenic” (i.e. a split, contradictory) system of government with a focus on small domestic political goals that directly harm the country. From here, each state is on its own. The governors are not accountable to the President. The media is subject only to the dollar.  Anarchy of leadership – the ship’s rudder began to turn in all directions, and the storm is approaching…                                                                                                                              Diagnosis:   In a crisis situation the absence of a clear horizontal and vertical system of power that does not depend at critical moments on the “opinion” of cells (voters) leads to a “schizophrenic” ( chaotic) type of government with potentially fatal consequences.

Diseases of social functioning

In the absence of a hierarchy between the vertical layers of power, there is, according to a new expression, a “nullification” (“reset”) of the presidential power and the loss of the “head”. The parts or functions in the body goes out of central control, it begins to grow rapidly at the expense of other functions and systems. This is called a cancer that seeks to become the main center and control the entire body. Trade unions, whose task is to conduct diplomatic negotiations with the company’s management for the rights of employees, began to strongly demand higher wages, despite the fact that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. This was the case with United Airline Co. This was the case with the Teachers Union, when incompetent teachers cannot be dismissed, and they literally sleep in a room allocated for them in schools, even though schools are on the verge of closing.

The society gave freedom to sexual minorities – they became the “majority” and grew to a cancer of a huge organization that even DEMANDS seats in the Senate not by qualification, but by sexual orientation. Recently, in Southern California, there was a celebration about the fact that in a certain town, the entire local government consisted of members of sexual minorities. Look at what an independent party and all-sweeping force the media has become, although its original function is simply to objectively describe events and give expert opinions! The media that became “free”, i.e. unmanageable from the point of view of the state, became carcinogenic. A microscopic sect of black misfits has become a powerful mob demanding to blow up the system. And politicians make all the concessions. Politicians who live BEHIND a big fence do not know the basic principle of a crowd living UNDER a fence: the crowd does not want to take “a lot”, It wants to take “EVERYTHING”! You can’t buy a crowd in part.  Either you give to the crowd “everything”, or turn the crowd back…

Medical  Summary

America is suffering with a “social cancer” with multiple metastases. Every function of the social organism has developed into a “pathological freedom”. In the country, the horizontal Association of parts (States), which was already weak from birth, collapsed.  Useful in the beginning unobtrusive structure of vertical power, in a critical situation immediately collapsed, which led to anarchy.  The power structure has become schizophrenic with self-destructive policies. We, doctors are well aware of this phenomenon of self-destruction, both in individuals and in entire groups of people.

In biology, medicine, and psychiatry, it is known that abnormal processes develop at an increasing speed. Now we are talking about months of the country’s life, if things are not changed.   The process of “pathologization” and malignization will soon reach a critical point, when the dark mass, rushing with increasing speed, sweeps away everything in its path, like a mudstone avalanche, crushing under itself and destroying sound voices. The country, like an inflamed organism with a high temperature, will fly into the Hellfire of an open civil war, from which there is no return.  As in Shakespeare: “Hell is empty, all the demons are here”.

Is there a cure? There is a cure. But there is no time. A radical disease requires radical treatment. As one sick monk told me: the time for prayer has passed, the time for surgery has come. The problem is that the patient is not ready.

Before we talk about treatment, we must make every effort to ensure that the still healthy parts of the social organism, our new Motherland – USA – will wake up, UNITE and be ready for treatment, which is a separate  topic for discussion. America, Wake up!  Clock is ticking…

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