Supreme Court Ruling Against The Individual Mandate On Insurance Could Destroy Medicare And Social Security

The Supreme Court may disapprove all or part of the Obama Healthcare plan. The real danger to the Supreme Court deliberations is that by declaring the Individual Mandate unconstitutional they willopen the debate on whether mandated Social Security and Medicare participation is constituional.

The Santorum/ Tea Party/ Conservative right wing of the of the Republican party will use this as the wedge that could lead to the eventual destruction of Medicare and Social Security as we know them.

The Right Wing of the Republican Party have attacked both programs and have attempted to destroy the national safety net for seniors with numerous proposals such as private investment saving plans. The Republican Party has clearly stated that cutting taxes to fund the top 1% of earners is a high priority. They know the only way to practice and finance this reverse Robin Hood Strategy is to “steal the benefits” of nations seniors.

The Republican Party has continued a sustained attack on Medicare and Social Security for many years. The most serious danger to the United States is this financial terroism directed at our parents and grandparents.

The healthcare plan is not perfect but the majority of Americans support most of the proposals within the plan. Our country has a conservative Supreme Court due to Bush appointees to the court. The 2012 election is not just whether Romney or Obama will become president but also whether a Romney presidency and stacking of the court will destroy not just senior rights but see women’s right eroded and repealed.