Severe Daily Headaches: Find Headache Hope Through Neuromuscular Dentistry & Correction of Trigeminal Nervous System Input.

Lisa is suffering from severe daily headaches and contacted Dr Shapira thru for help.
Lisa: I have headaches (which are more like ear/faceaches) every day. I have had this for years.
I went to an ENT. My CT scan shows a deviated septum with a bony spur and a small cyst.
The doctor said this was not causing the headaches and that it was not sinus related.

My GP said I have TMJ combined with tension headaches. I was prescribed Imitrex which relieves my stress and helps lesson the headache pain (but it is still there).

I cannot remember the last time I didn’t have some sort of pain in the ears, face, head. I was told by the ENT to see a neurologist to rule out migranes (since light and sound does aggravate my symptoms).

Patient Testimonial:

Dr Shapira Response: Dear Lisa,

When the CT can doesn’t show an organic problem the neurologist will treat you with medications. It does not matter what they call the headache; migraine, tension headache etc they will treat you with meds and not address the underlying problems.

I would suggest seeing a neuromuscular dentist and having a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic. This is a reversible treatment but successfully alleviates or redures 50-100% of pain in 90% of patients. (approx)
Al of the types of headaches are primarily disorders of the Trigeminal Nervous System. The Trigeminal Nerve, also called the Dentist’s Nerve is key to causing and eliminating headaches. Neuromuscular dentistry and diagnostic orthotics change brain chemistry by changing neural input to the brain.

I frequently see long distance patients in Chicago area if you do not find answers but I am sending you a link to find an ICCMO Neuromuscular Dentist.

I usually find that we can eliminate most pain in just a few visits for the majority of patients.
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