According a a recent article “The Estimated Annual Cost of ADHD to the U.S. Education System” (abstract below) the yearly incremental cost associated with ADHD is $5007. Recent studies have shown a close bidirectional relationship of ADHD to Sleep Disorders and Sleep Disordered Breathing is thought to be a probable cause of ADHD.

The symptoms of ADHD and Inadequate and/or disturbed sleep are identical and there is no diagnostic test that can determine the actual cause of symptoms. Treating sleep disordered breathing is a frequent cure of symptoms. Tonsil and Adenoid removal is frequently done for children with sleep disordered breathing and when done early resolves many ADHD issues.

Unfortunately, there are many developmental airway issues not corrected by just tonsil and adenoid removal. There are poor tongue and swallowing habits that are formed by inadequate breastfeeding and a soft diet. The orthopedic size and shape of the maxilla is routinely underdeveloped compared to anthropological norms. As many as 90 precent of children do not grow their upper jaws or maxilla to normal size. This crowds the tongue, decreases mandibular growth and leads to a smaller airway. The smaller airway leads to forward head position and poor posture. These problems are not genetic in nature but epigenetic, caused by environmental changes, diet, health , habits etc. Until about 400 years ago this type of malocclusion was virtually non-existent.

These changes create a smaller nasal pharyngeal airway which disturbs sleep and results in disturbed breathing and sleep and the development of ADD and ADHD. The NHLBI or National Heart Lung and Blood Institute did a 2001 report on the “Cardiovascular and Sleep Related Consequences of TMD. They consider the development of sleep apnea to be a TMJ disorder. ADHD is part of the same developmental process.

Early orthopedic treatment of jaw position and airway (pneumopedics) can prevent all of these developmental problems. The Perfect Start System is specifically designed to treat these problems in children as young as two by using a habit corrector. The System will also eliminate or greatly reduce any need for future orthodontics. The Perfect Start System grows big wide attractive smiles with health airways.

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Early treatment is less expensive that typical orthodontics but more important can prevent the brain changes from sleep disordered breathing that lead to ADHD. Treat costs are

The airway obstructions are due to allergies, insufficient breast feeding, bottle feeding, soft diet and lip and tongue habits. The Perfect Start System reverses these changes.

School Ment Health. 2011 Sep 1; 3(3): 169–177.
Published online 2011 Jun 9. doi: 10.1007/s12310-011-9057-6
PMCID: PMC4123753
The Estimated Annual Cost of ADHD to the U.S. Education System
Jessica A. Robb,1 Margaret H. Sibley,1,2 William E. Pelham, Jr.,1 E. Michael Foster,3 Brooke S.G. Molina,4 Elizabeth M. Gnagy,1 and Aparajita B. Kuriyan1

The purpose of this study was to examine and monetize the educational outcomes of students with ADHD. Data were examined from the Pittsburgh ADHD Longitudinal Study (PALS), a follow-up study of children diagnosed with ADHD in childhood and recontacted for follow-up in adolescence and young adulthood. A comprehensive educational history was obtained for all participants from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Annual economic impact was derived from costs incurred through special education placement, grade retention, and disciplinary incidents. Results indicated that, as compared to students without ADHD, students with ADHD incurred a higher annual cost to the U.S. Education system. Specifically, a student with ADHD incurred an average annual incremental cost to society of $5,007, as compared to $318 for students in the comparison group. These results suggest that prevention and intervention strategies are greatly needed to offset the large financial impact of educating youth with ADHD.