New Study Shows Promising Results for Treatment of Primary Headaches with Melatonin.

This is one more piece of a puzzle to Cure and/or Eliminate completely the problem of chronic headaches and migraines.  See patient testimonial videos below.

This study is very interesting as it applies to primary headaches both tension and migraine headaches. Both types are ultimately regulated by the Trigeminal Nerve.

The use of Melatonin which is very safe and inexpensive is an enormous advantage over other treatment regimens.

I would suggest that the natural regulation of melatnin is also going to be extremely effective. I routinely have my patients get special glasses to wear in the evening to block out light that prevents the natural production of melatonin. I like the glasses from

Ideally, the use of a light panel in the AM of full spectrum light will complete the picture by turning off melatonin production and resetting the circadian rhythm. This is an effect working thru the suprachiasmatic nucleus to affect the Hypothalamus.

Combining Melatonin therapy by light manipulation with sphenopalatine ganglion blocks can frequently be a total game changer for patients. The SPG blocks work by tuning down the sympathetic nervous system’s “Fight or Flight Reflex” and leting the Parasympathetic “Feed and Breed Reflex ” predominate.

Adding neuromuscular Dentistry to correct posture as well is allowing total rehabilitation of many chronic headache patients without toxic Botox shots or multiple pharmaceuticals. The recovery and normalization is sped up by utilizing trigger point injections and teaching patients to do Spray and Stretch to relieve myofascial pain.


Patient Testimonials:

Cure of 50 year migraine:

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Funct Neurol. 2016 Jan-Mar;31(1):33-7.
Melatonin 4 mg as prophylactic therapy for primary headaches: a pilot study.
Bougea A, Spantideas N, Lyras V, Avramidis T, Thomaidis T.
There is growing evidence that headaches are connected to melatonin secretion. Our aim was to assess the potential effectiveness of melatonin for primary headache prevention. Forty-nine patients (37 with migraine and 12 with chronic tension-type headache, TTH) were prescribed oral melatonin, 4 mg, 30 minutes before bedtime for six months. Forty-one (83.6%) of the 49 patients completed the study, while eight dropped out for personal reasons. A statistically significant reduction in headache frequency was found between baseline and final follow-up after six months of treatment (p=0.033 for TTH patients and p

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