Hate Headaches? Hate Migraines? Visit www.IHateHeadaches.org

The website www.IHateHeadaches.org has had a facelift and is being updated. It is an excellent resource for all Headache and Migraine Patients as well as patients with TMJ disorders / TMD.

Find the answers you have been searching for.

The blog has excellent information on the use of Sphenopalatine Ganglon Blocks for treating and preventing headaches, migraines, anxiety and much more.

The website www.SphenopalatineGanglionBlocks is dedicated to SPG Blocks and Neuromodulation and the Blog has Dr Shapira’s May 2019 paper in Cranio Journal of the topic.

Dr Ira L  Shapira’s primary website is www.ThinkBetterLife.com and is also filled with important information for headache sufferers and TMJ disorder patients.

Dr Shapira also has over 150 patient testimonials at his youtube channel:


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