Has the senate of the United States created the nations first Death Panel by their erosion and destruction of a national health plan that could actually decrease costs and protect the American public? We should keep track of the thousands or deaths that occur because of the shenanigans in the senate. We need to make sure that the full credit for these needless deaths that are the results our poor national health are credited to those senators.

We see weekly reports on soilders who die in Iraq and Afganistan. I suggest that the national media start to let us know on a regular basis how many die in this country not only from heart attacks, strokes and cancer but also the ones who die due to motor vehicle accidents due to untreated sleep apnea, who kill themselves or others secondary to untreated depression and other deaths directly or indirectly related our lack of a national health policy.

Other interesting figures would be the additional costs of educating children with learning disabilities that could have been prevented, it is estimated that 80% of children with ADD and ADHD have sleep apnea. Early treatment can reduce these numbers and create enormous savings in education expenses. Unfortunately, we also have to insure that children with insurance are also diagnosed and treated.

Every person in the country who knows of someone who has died, suffered permanent disability or been bankrupted by medical expenses due to no insurance should e-mail the members of the Senate Death Panel. As long as the victims remain nameless it is easy to forget they exist. It is amazing that the same forces that want to protect the unborn cease to care after birth.

I both dread and look forward to seeing death panel numbers every week on Sunday Morning. I hope our elected officials can create a plan that shows they care about our citizens and not just who makes campaign donations.