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A new company is offering to beat the prices of any other company on CPAP machines and CPAP supplies. Best CPAP approached Dr Shapira the founder of I HATE ( They are offering to beat the published prices of any other CPAP companies. The details as outlined by the company are below.

Sleep apnea is a deadly disease and treatment is essential. The type of treatment may very or even alternate. CPAP and Oral Appliances are the first line treatments for mild to moderate apnea. Cpap is still considered by the AASM to be the first line treatment for severe apnea with oral appliances are considered as an alternative in by the AASM. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has on article on it’s website discussing the efectiveness of oral appliances in treating severe apnea.

Keith Thornton the inventor of the TAP appliance now has a TAP-PAP appliance that attatches a Fisher Paykal nasal mask to a TAP 3 appliance. The combination allows significantly lower CPAP pressure and a mask with no straps. This is the best of both worlds for treating severe apnea. Dr Thorton chose to interface with Fisher Paykal due to the superior comfort they offer with their heated hoses that constitute a significant improvement over other brands. TAP_PAP masks are available from Dr Shapira at ( Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates was created as a means of allowing customers to purchase CPAP equipment over the internet at bargain prices. We manage to keep our prices low by maintaining very low overhead costs, and by buying in large quantities from our suppliers. This allows us to offer our machines and equipment to you for the lowest prices on the internet. We understand the urgency that is placed on the desire to get a good nights sleep, and we honor that by providing same day shipping. We are located near UPS’s main air hub as well as a major distribution center for FedEx. That means 85% of the largest metropolitan areas are within three days delivery time via UPS ground shipping. Over 50% of the U.S. population is within two days delivery time.
We mentioned we offer you CPAP machines at the lowest prices on the internet. That’s a pretty bold statement, but is in no way an empty promise. At we have what’s called the 110% Price-Break Guarantee. If you find a competitor with a lower advertised price for a product that we stock, we will give you 110% of the difference! For example, if we advertise a product for $250, and a competitor has the same product advertised for $200, we will sell it to you for $195.
Here are the requirements for the 110% Price-Break Guarantee:
• Price match requests must be submitted within 14 days from the date of purchase, or prior to making your purchase, to [email protected]. Please provide a link to the product that you want us to match.
• Online auctions, special promotions and close-out sales, and used and refurbished merchandise are excluded.
• Does not apply to special discounts for quantity pricing.
• The competing internet retailer must have the identical product in stock, and the product must be priced accurately (i.e., no typographical errors).
• Price comparison will be made to the competitor’s TOTAL PRICE of purchase, including any shipping and handling charges and taxes that may apply. Please provide your zip code if the competing site charges for shipping so that an accurate comparison can be made.
• This policy is subject to the Manufacturers’ minimum advertising and internet pricing policies.
• ** This price guarantee applies only to CPAP and Bi-Level machines (flow generators), masks, humidifiers, and battery packs. It does not apply to items such as filters, breathing tubes, mask parts or other miscellaneous accessories.

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