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Joel Friedman from Illinois felt the urge to take a nap at about every half hour while driving, as reported Chicago Sun-Times describing several typical cases of sleepy drivers. Instead […]

Tab forward to a studio set, and you will see some very active actors. “We think a lot. Our minds are constantly preparing, and we need to be able to […]

In America people of all ages are chronically sleep deprived. According to the National Sleep Foundation too many teens that have to go for team training before sunrise, as well […]

1. International War Crimes Tribunal, The Hague In 2001, at the International War Crimes Tribunal, The Hague, three men were convicted of numerous counts of grave breaches of the Geneva […]

Risk for Heart Attacks Rises in Winter. Do Not Worry, Just Be Ready The Wall Street Journal (December 11, 2006) reported interesting data from a study by researchers from Massachusetts […]

Personality Disorders Impair Social Functioning Problems in social functioning appear to be an enduring component of personality disorders (PDs), suggests new research from New York. Based on the expectation that […]

Slow down, Take Back Your Time Day Planners By Ellen Wulfhorst Workers of America, take a break! Born out of concern over the long hours U.S. workers put in on […]

Sleep-Deprivation Studies Fail to Wake up Teaching Hospitals Exhausted people make more mistakes than those who’ve had a good night’s sleep. “Duh!” as teenagers might say. Yet as obvious as […]

Family recognizes man with amnesia on TV DENVER – A man with amnesia who had been searching for his identity for more than a month was finally recognized by family […]