BOOK REVIEW: Ten Natural Ways to a Good Night’s SLEEP.

Dr. Linardakis was a head of the team in the Tharos Lab. that developed a unique natural combination of supplements, called NYTEX®, for sleep. The rigorous study presented on the latest National Sleep Meeting confirmed the positive effect of Nytex on sleep. Dr N. Linardakis won the Alive Award Silver Medal for the best natural product in 2006.

The book: “Ten Natural Ways to a Good Night’s SLEEP” stands out from dozens of popular books about sleep, because it is not just a popularization of scientific studies but a book of creative and original findings of very practical solutions and advices, and just simply a pleasure to read for everyone.

The book contains ten chapters devoted to the wide range of carefully selected topics. Especially important in this book is explanations of how to use natural supplements and nutrition for sleep.

The first chapter Creating a Serene Environment describes the importance of “shutting off” your senses, quality of beds and pillows, sense of safety and security for restful sleep. In chapter two, the ability to manage stress was strongly emphasized: “If you don’t learn how to manage stress, it will manage you.”! Chapter three is devoted to improving daytime performance, overcoming jet lag and shift work. Chapter four describes ways to relax the Body, Mind, and Soul.

In chapters five and six, you will find very practical advices how to eat right and other gender specific techniques for better sleep. Chapter seven is about caring for children, elderly, and those with special needs. The chapter eight is very special for people who love pets and want to understand the pet’s role for creating a good sleep.

Chapters nine and ten are exceptionally useful in understanding how nutritional supplements are working for our benefits in developing the New You.

I recommend the “Ten Natural Ways to a Good Night’s SLEEP” not only to patients with sleep disorders but to all interested in improving his/her health, or to read this beautiful art peace just to relax before sleep.

Alexander Golbin, MD, PhD

Author of “The World of Children’s Sleep” and “Sleep Psychiatry.”