America’s Best Opportunity to Reduce Energy Use in Small & Medium Sized Manufacturers

  • When we think of “Green” development and resources we often think of alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind production of electricity.
    Sensor Synergy, a small company headquartered in Vernon Hills IL, is dedicated to vastly reducing electric power use while increasing profits and decreasing overhead costs.
    This company was featured in April’s issue of Design World, a special issue dedicated
    to manufacturers use of “ 

    The article title “IIoT technology can often benefit industrial processes without a large capital investment.”would only inspire engineers and may make no sense to ordinary people not well versed in this field.

    I am including a link for those who are engineers or truly interested in the technical details of this amazing company.
    James Wiczer PhD, the man at the helm of this company, has a vision to drastically
    reducing electric power usage in companies to increase efficiency, increase profits, and
    maintain  and increase US competitiveness.
    Part of Wiczers vision is to keep this technology low-cost so that it does not require large capital investments and remains within the reach
    of small and medium size manufacturing operations.
    This technology can also easily fit in larger more complex industrial complexes to increase efficiency and understanding of problems that are not always obvious.  Sensor Synergy’s current clients are loyally awaiting the updates on this next generation of this technology that has already improved their businesses in ways they never would have imagined.  They have learned that “If it is measured it is a FACT otherwise it is just an opinion”.  They have already experienced the multitude of improvements that come with continual live monitoring and reporting of Vital Facts about their operations.
    To ordinary people it means more efficient use of power to do the same with less energy to achieve a cleaner environment. The essence of this technology is to monitor sensors that tracks the pulse of manufacturing machines and automatically sends and email or text message to key factory personnel when something outofnormal is detected. The goal is to make factory machine monitoring easy,comprehensive, and intuitive universal with user friendly messages.
    How does this Sensor Synergy create its magic? By using low-cost sensors, the latest smart microelectronics, and networking technologies, Sensor Synergy continually measures the health of machines and interprets this information to identify potential problems.
    This user-friendly technology allows an easy method to examine power use efficiency while reducing the chance of expensive shutdown and equipment replacement with early warning systems.  A key feature of Sensor Synergys approach is that their monitoring sensors are add-ons to existing machines sensors so that there is no interference with normal operations.
    Business users like foundries, who are massive power users, have already significantly cut expenses from wasted energy that does not improve operations.  They have also seen how important these measured FACTS are to their profit.  The early warning systems have avoided many serious problems for these users who are often surprised that what they believed about their processes were not supported by measured FACTS.
  • Wiczer, as he answers his phone, is currently working on making his technology more secure and the installation of his equipment easier for set-up by on-site staff and . These efforts are reducing customization time involved in set up this next generation of factory  monitoring equipment.
    Simplicity and intuitiveness is the key for implementing  real-time  monitoring and utilization of measured facts for industrial efficiency.industrial efficiency,

There is a recent article on BBC news that talks about a simple program that is uses a similar remote monitoring to check on the electric use of the elderly to check on their safety.

“An emerging technology allows relatives to keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable people living alone by monitoring their electricity usage – but as with all innovations, there is the potential for misuse.”

This same basic principle on an exponential level can be utilized to supercharge the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

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