When you need to shave a stroke or two from your golf score, think PPM

Always down by just one stroke when your hit the linlks. This years big change to golf games might come from a surprising source. The MAKKAR PPM Mouthguard appears to improve strength, flexibility and balance. The Pure Mower mouthguard is the same one worn by the New Orleans Saints in their Superbowl victory.

It won’t make up for a bad shot, nor will it make a bad golfer magically into a great golfer. What it will do is help you make better shots when you do it all right and it may cut a stroke or two from your game. It might lessen the chance of accidental muscle strain as well. What it most certainly do is lighten your wallet considerably. Weighing in at about $2000 per mouthguard it is certainly not inexpensive.

I am promoting an interesting concept for golfers wanting to try a PPM but not ready to drop that kind of money without proof that it works. I am doing a mini-neuromuscular work-up and a myprint saphire (bite material) temporary appliance for $750. It will give you a neuromuscular sports bite to try out Neuromuscular Dentistry and $500 of that cost will be credited toward a Makkar PPM Pure Power Mouthguard mouthguard. To schedule an appointment for this incredible offer call 1-800-TM-JOINT and schedule an appointment.

I expect that once you have tried out the neuromuscular bite you will depend on the improvements in strength and balance that were shown in the Rutger’s study.

Neuromuscular dental orthotics are one of the most effective methods to treat migraines and tension headaches according to many dental experts. The balancing of the physiological system can give amazing results in many TMD (TMJ) patients.