TMJ Help Sites; Creating a TMJ Support Group in Highland Park for Chicago and North Suburban TMJ sufferers.

I HATE is the ultimate TMJ Help site for patients with Chronic Headaches. Patients in the Highland Park/ Lake Forest and Deerfield areas of North Suburban Chicago have a new resource Dr Shapira is committed to help patients with chronic head, neck or facial pain find answers to their problems.

Dr Shapira, the founder of and would like to create a TMJ support group in the Highland Park / Lake Forest area for Northern Illinois patients in Lake County and Northern Cook County. This group would also work as a support group for patients with chronic daily headaches, tension headaches or migraine patients in addition to those with TMJ disorders and other chronic head and neck pain problems.

Dr Mark Freund is a Lindenhurst Atlas-Orthoganl Chiropracter who has learned chirodontics and crania manipulation to address these same issues and he works closely with Dr Shapira and will make his services available in Highland Park by appointment only. He is looking forward to the support group and believes that it will benefit not only TMJ and Headache patients but chronic pain throughout the body due to the postural corrections. Dr Freund is currently learning the SOT approach to these same problems. “Having multiple methods to address the same problem is a game changer for patients” remarked Dr Freund.

Dr Shapira and Dr Freund are hoping other health professionals as well as alternative care practitioners will join them in this endeavor.

Dr Shapira has been treating severe headache and TMJ problems for over 30 years in his Gurnee practice. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on TMJ Disorders, Chronic headache and Migraine, Sleep Apnea and developmental aspects of these conditions. His paper that was presented to the American Equilibration Society in Chicago was reprinted in the ICCMO Anthology and was give at the SOT convention as a research paper by invitation. It has also been republished in this journal:

There are multiple approaches he uses to address chronic pain. Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction are treated with trigger point injections and spray and stretch techniques. Dr Shapira believes in teaching his patients how to turn off these types of pain without a trip to his office. He is also an expert in utilizing SPG Blocks (Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks) to relieve and prevent migraines and other chronic pain conditions. He teaches patients a method to self administer SPG blocks. These can be especially effective for autonomic caused headaches.

Epigenetic Orthodontics and the DNA Appliance he uses to orthopedically grow bone and correct TMD and Sleep Apnea. The DNA and RNA Appliances are showing promise at curing sleep apnea without surgery or CPAP.

My new office is at 3500 Western Ave in Highland Park Illinois across from the Fort Sheridan Train Station. It is dedicated to helping patients with acute and chronic pain problems including headaches, migraines, sleep apnea and TMJ disorders associated with the teeth, jaws, jaw joints and posture