The Right To A Horrible Death! Showing the photos of the children killed in Conneticut would change the gun debate.

The current gun debate is futile. The gun lobby “owns” too many of our lawmakers. The public outrage over the school shootings will probably not result in more rational gun laws. The reason is because the killings have been discussed but there are no horrendous visual images that5 provoke emotional responses. In the name of good taste and protecting families these images have remain unseen.

The publication of graphic pictures of these young children decapitated or with missing limbs from the massive firepower that was used would instantly change the nature of the firearms debate. Being sensitive by not showing these horrific images may lead to repeats in the future.

Gun control is not about protecting or destroying second amendment rights but eliminating military weapons from the home front. These are not sporting weapons or for self protection, these are designed for mass killings. The only justification for selling them to civilians is to create profits for gun and munition manufacturers.