Neuromuscular Dentistry utilizes a tool called the Myomonitor, an Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) TEN Shat stimulates and relaxes the muscles fed by the fifth (trigeminal nerve) and seventh (facial nerve) cranial nerves.

This is extremely important as it is this relaxation that allows both rest position, mandibular trajectory to be established and used to find Myocentric Bite.

The Myocentric bite is a physiological reset for the masticatory muscles every time a patient closes their teeth to bite and especially to swallow.

The Myomonitor also acts as a neuromodulation device for the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (pterygopalatine Ganglion or SPG) which is the largest Parasympathetic Ganglion of head. This turns off the Sympathetic Stress reaction of the “Fight or Flight Reflex” and turns on the Parasympathetic “Feed and Breed Reflex”. This helps restore the body to a state of Homeostasis.
The Sphenopalatine Ganglion has Sympathetic and Parasympathetic fibers from the Autonomic Nervous System and Somatosensory Nervous fibers from the Voluntary Nervous System.

Correction of TMJ disorders and Orofacial Pain is far more effective when Neuromuscular Dentistry techniques are used in part because of the positive effects on the autonomic nervous system allowing neuromuscular dentists to address both Axis 1 and Axis two components of the problem.

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