By Judith Joy

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As you can see from the title, I haven’t written this blog for a few months. It’s just that nothing much new has been happening. My mouth is progressing nicely with steady progress. After my next appointment I’ll be done…or at least that’s what I think is happening.
I have learned a few additional things to share with you.
First, I noticed that a tooth was loose and had some wiggle to it. I decided that since I was seeing Dr. Shapira the next week, to not adjust the appliance and just stay the course until I saw him. Dr. Shapira said that I could have untightened it. But it’s all good. My teeth are all solid again.
It seems that when the jaw was done expanding, the appliance didn’t fit all the way down and pushed on the teeth. Another reason the appliance may push on the teeth is because it isn’t fitting correctly. This is definitely something to watch out for.
Second, as the teeth have become less crowded, I’ve noticed that there are stain spots between the teeth. This is probably because the hygienist couldn’t get between the teeth when she did the cleanings. So as you can imagine, I’m looking forward to my next cleaning.
And talking about cleaning, we are also doing a teeth whitening at the last appointment. I’m excited to lose some of the staining from all the iced tea that I drink. Someone once told me that if I drink things through a straw, then the offending drink won’t stain my teeth. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s worth a try.
Next, I was shocked to learn that I’d still have to wear some type of appliance after the treatment was done. It’s silly that I’m shocked by this, as I know that retainers follow braces, but it still shocked me. At least, I’m told that the new appliance won’t be as bulky. YEAH!
Finally, I learned that by doing this DNA appliance, I actually look younger. Dr. Shapira had told me this would happen, but the information went in one ear and out the other. And as usual, when a change is gradual we don’t always see the progress. So, I’m excited for to compare the before and after pictures.
But back to the age “regression”…Dr. Shapira recently showed me a series of pictures of a woman without teeth who put in different sized dentures. As sizes of the dentures changed, her face became less sunken and the wrinkles “ironed” out.
Dr. Shapira explained that the same thing is happening to my mouth by expanding the arches and bone growing in the micro tears as this happens. I know this sounds weird, but in the past, I’d attended a lecture about bone growth and this is exactly what happens. In the lecture, the bones were shown as purposely broken and then microfibers grew between the bones to connect them again. It was like each side of the broken bone was searching for the other.
With the DNA appliance, expanding the appliance creates what I imagine to be micro tears in the bone and then more bone grows into the space. The end result is that the arches are widened, the teeth have more room to grow straight, and my face is filled out.
All in all, I’d say that this experience was successful. The gentle vibrations of the DNA appliance were very tolerable and actually created positive change in my mouth. Remember, I started because the teeth were falling inward. Now they have room to “breath.” Gentle is certainly the way to go.
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