I recently heard from Dr Wayne Franco of NEWHEART LLC about the incredible growth of the stem cells collected from a developing tooth bud.
We expect that as further processing of these cells continues we may also find extensive quantities of neural stem cells.

We currently have an oral surgeon in A Northern Chicago Suburb and one in New York to do collections but are beginning negotiations with a surgical group that is in 30 cities across the U.S.
Stem Cells from Developing Tooth Buds can be the Answer to a Prayer or a Fountain of Youth. Stem Cells from Tooth Buds are an Ethical Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells for Therapy. New Heart Foundation founder Dr Wayne Franco believes that stem cells from developing tooth buds may be the key to treating autism, brain trauma, hypoxic brain injuries and stroke. These priceless cells are readily available.
Dr Shapira firmly believes that there is an excellent chance that these cells will one day be able to act as a “vaccine” against aging. Future uses of these cells cannot be guaranteed but stem cell science is advancing at an amazing pace.
Early removal of third molar tooth buds offers numerous advantages over current treatment of wisdom teeth in terms of morbidity reduction. The normal removal of third molars carries risks of dry sockets, impaired healing, damage to other teeth, parasthesia or permanent numbness of the lip or tongue, damage to TM Joints that can lead to severe pain, development of RSD or complex pain syndromes that can lead to permanent painful lives.
Dr Shapira wants early prophylactic removal of third molar tooth buds to become the national standard of care due to reduction in morbidity. The stem cells are a bonus, that may be more valuable then we can possibly imagine currently with stem cell research still in early infancy as a science.
New Heart, LLC has patents pending in the US for treatment of autism, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, hypoxic injury to the brain, multi-infarct dementia, and stroke using adult stem cells. New Heart, LLC also has patents pending in Europe for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the brain and pancreas (diabetes).
New Heart’s latest interest is stem cells derived from tooth buds. The optimal time to remove tooth buds is ages 7-12. It is New Heart’s hope that these stem cells will have a role in the treatment of neurological disorders. Most stem cell companies are about one type of stem cell. It is New Heart’s vision to combine more than one type of stem cell for optimal success.
Dr Franco is currently providing an opportunity for patients to have prophylactic removal of wisdom teeth buds and subsequent processing, evaluation, and storage of stem cells.
Wayne Franco MD, CEO, New Heart, LLC
[email protected]
Unfortunately, many patients suffer from these conditions. In addition, there is little in the way of available treatments for these conditions. United States statistics for these conditions include : Stroke: 6 million patients, Brain Trauma: 1.7 million, and Cerebral Palsy: 1million.
Dr Franco is now working with a Gurnee dentist, Dr Ira L Shapira, who is president of Dato-Tech and has method and device patents on the collection of stem cells from minimally invasive prophylactic removal of wisdom tooth buds before calcification.
Dr Shapira’s vision was to reduce the morbidity of wisdom tooth removal while simultaneously collecting and storing stem cells from the developing tooth bud. These may actually be more powerful for treating neurological injuries because they develop from the neural crest. Dr Shapira’s concept was published in a letter to the editor in the July 2010 JADA, Journal of the American Dental Association on morbidity associated with third molar removal.
Dr Wayne Franco considered these stem cells an answer to a prayer. He would now be able to help an even greater number of patients. Dr Shapira believed the best time to collect cells was between 7-12 years old when it could be done in a minimally invasive procedure in just a few minutes.
Dr Franco has taken this one step further. Utilizing Dr Shapira’s easy technology stem cells can be collected at almost any time until 12 years old from other developing teeth with little or no discomfort. While Dr Shapira was focused on utilizing third molars that often create problems Dr Franco saw the promise of utilizing stem cells from other earlier developing teeth.
Dr Franco calls this “The Second Chance” and hopes by combining his work with Dr Shapira’s a new paradigm can be created.
The doctors are currently looking for a manufacturer for the device that collects and stores the stem cells for processing. Dr Franco would like to see a single storage company for all stem cell collections from tooth buds. If there is a paradigm change this could literally be millions of samples per year.
Dr Shapira believes that in time these multipotent stem cells will act as a fountain of youth and help reverse many of the symptoms of aging.
Wayne Franco MD, CEO, New Heart, LLC
[email protected]
Dr Ira L Shapira is an author and section editor of Sleep and Health Journal, President of I HATE CPAP LLC, President Dato-TECH, and has a Dental Practice with his partner Dr Mark Amidei. He has recently formed Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates. He is a Regent of ICCMO and its representative to the TMD Alliance, He was a founding and certified member of the Sleep Disorder Dental Society which became the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, A founding member of DOSA the Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, A Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, a graduate of LVI. He is a former assistant professor at Rush Medical School’s Sleep Service where he worked with Dr Rosalind Cartwright who is a founder of Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr Shapira is a consultant to numerous sleep centers and teaches courses in Dental Sleep Medicine in his office to doctors from around the U.S. He is the Founder of I HATE CPAP LLC and Dr Shapira also holds several patents on methods and devices for the prophylactic minimally invasive early removal of wisdom teeth and collection of bone marrow and stem cells. Dr Shapira is a licensed general dentist in Illinois and Wisconsin.