Sleep Apnea Treatment: Columbia South America: Same Day Treatment is possible!

John’s Question:
Hi. Does Doctor Shapira still have a sleep clinic in which he treats patients himself with sleep studies and titrations with dental appliances? I heard a talk of he and Dr Park a long ago, I can’t tolerate CPAP and i want to know if i can go see him personally. I’m in Colombia, South America. If he still does, in what city is he? How can I reach him? Thanks.

Dr Shapira’s Response:


I can see you and get you a sleep appliance in as little as one day with a home sleep study. I would prefer actually having an overnight study in the sleep lab for titration. I utilize a TAP 1 for immediate treatment, but this is the single most effective sleep apnea appliance. I frequently see long distance patients from across the US but also Greece, and South Africa.

I frequently utilize similar same day treatment for severe apnea in patients unable to utilize CPAP

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The best approach is to send me a complete packet of information including sleep studies before you arrive and I can make arrangements as necessary to get you treated and tested in a timely manner.

Please follow up with me personally on this e-mail.

Thank You


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