The Phenomenon of Michael Kuny

After immigration to the USA, Professor M.M. Kunin is now working with WMNB and has produced more then 200 educational tapes.

His latest book, The Phenomenon of Michael Kuny, (written in Russian) is the most carefully selected and the most reliable information about the psychological abilities of Michael Kuny. The following is a short excerpt from the book that makes readers amuse and wonder…


This story was told to me by a Russian pilot, Valentin I. Accuratov. His name is very well known among Russian pilots, his information was always accurate, as is this report, without a doubt.

“Our airport was not far from a small town, where we went many times when we got bored at work. For some reason flights were temporarily canceled, and we decided to go to town to see a show of the famous ‘Extra-sense Showman Michael Kuny.’ We had heard about him many times and, naturally, decided to go as a group. The show was spectacular with many mind-boggling effects.

There was a series of experiments with hiding objects by the Orients. By ‘reading’ a person’s thoughts, Kuny found all of the objects and performed many other actions by the ‘mind reading’ requests from the Orients.

We all were shocked.

‘Let’s invite Kuny for dinner with us in our airport’s hotel,’ decided the pilots.

Kuny had agreed, and we got back to the airport together. The discussion at the dinner table was light and friendly. We talked about business, life, and family issues.

‘Since War I could not find my brother. Life has dispersed us in different directions and places,’ complained the wife of one of the pilots. ‘You, Kuny, can do everything… Could you look for him during your trips around the country? His name is Vladimir. The last name is Neustroev.’

‘Let’s try it right now,’ Kuny offered suddenly.

‘What do you mean, right now?’ We all became tense.

He asked the woman to sit down comfortably and asked us to stop talking. We became quiet…

‘Concentrate your thoughts on your brother. Try to doze off,’ Kuny said firmly to the woman.

Soon she closed her eyes and became quiet.

‘Now you are in the city where today lives your brother,’ Kuny said, ‘What do you see?’

‘I am on a street. This street is unfamiliar to me. Across the street is like a post office… and a newspaper stand…’

‘Excellent. Go to this post office and find the name of the city where you are now!’

Breathing heavily and very tense the woman whispered, ‘Stary Oskol.’

‘Think about your brother… Why are you still sitting? Go to him! He lives somewhere nearby. Go! He is waiting for you.’

Kuny did not ask. He firmly demanded, changing the formal “You” to the casual “you” (which in Russian is used only with friends or subordinates. – Editor).

Ordered to obey, the woman started to shake and conceded to his demands. She nervously moved in her chair.

Now Michael Kuny was almost screaming.

‘Go to your brother! Faster! Street? Read the name of the street! The name should be written in the intersection. Read, loudly!’

‘Pervomayskaya Street,’ the woman said slowly, letter by letter without opening her eyes.

‘Now, you are getting close. Here is the house where your brother lives. Think about your brother. Go ahead! Look carefully. What is the number of your brother’s house? Do not miss it!’

‘I do not see it,’ the woman whispered.

‘There should be a number there, look further…’

‘Number eighteen,’ she said after a long pause. Her forehead was sweating; she was breathing heavily almost gasping for air.

‘Go to your brother. Vladimir is waiting for you. He lives somewhere here. Look for his apartment,’ Kuny insisted mercilessly.

‘I think, he lives on the second floor,’ the woman whispered.

‘Go up, he is tired of waiting for you.’

‘Volodya!,’ the woman screamed suddenly, “Is this you?!’

‘Wait! On the door there should be the number of his apartment! Go back! Read the number! Then you could hug Volodya!’ Kuny ordered.

‘Number five! Volodya! It’s you, finally!’

‘This is it! Now you could wake up,’ Kuny said with satisfaction.

‘In the morning send him a telegram:

City: Stary Oskol

Street: Pervomayskaya

House: No 18. Apartment 5

Name: Vladimir Neustroev.’

We were standing around speechless and shocked.

The answer to the telegram came back the next evening. The telegram was from Vladimir. He was surprised. They did not see each other for twelve years. He asked his sister how she found out his address. He stated how lucky he was. He said that he would come to see her soon.

The following morning Kuny left the city as if nothing significant had happened.

We followed him to the plane with some anxiety and confusion: Was all of this real? Was all of this possible?

Soon, the woman’s brother came to the town. Pilots met him as if he was Christ himself appearing to the people. All of them were witnesses of the miracle.

Yes, miracles could happen. And, they could happen right here and now, in front of our eyes. But how?”

Ref: Michael M. Kunin. The Phenomenon of Michael Kuny. Moscow. Russkaya Kniga. 2003. This part was translated by A. Golbin, MD.