Neuromuscular Dentistry Treats Migraines But Also Helps Sports Performance

Patients with TMJ disorders, Migraines, Tension Headaches and Chronic Daily Headaches are increasingly turning to Neuromuscular Dentistry for relief. For many years patients have been utilizing Neuromuscular Dentistry to treat ilnees and dysfunction. The I HATE HEADACHES! website ( discusses how neuromuscular dentistry treats chronic headache problems

About 10 years ago the Bill Dickerson the nations leading cosmetic dentist made a bold move that has changed dentistry. The Las Vegas Institute (LVI) began teaching Neuromuscular Dentistry as an ideal for cosmetic reconstruction and the results have been fabulous with improved cosmetics being linked to healthy physiology.

In the last year the Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard has been in the news ever since the unbeaten New Orleans Saints attributed their success to the high tech and expensive mouthguards. Almost daily new articles on the PPM are appearing in the news such as this one in the New York Times.

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