My Daddy snores book

An excerpt from the book: “On Tuesday, Daddy’s snore rumbled like an earthquake. It shook Mommy right out of bed!” This children’s book sheds light on a subject that impacts millions of households each evening. The sleep disturbance caused by snoring, as well as the health risks that snoring may indicate, can be a serious problem. This book brings a funny and playful way of alerting people to the need of diagnosing and treating snoring.

Here are excerpts from an interview by Kassandra Metos with Nancy Rothstein, the author of My Daddy Snores:

K: Nancy Rothstein, it is a pleasure to read your children’s book. I’d like to ask you a few questions. Is this your first children’s book?

N: Well, this is my first published one.

K: What point or idea were you trying to get across to your readers?

N: For this book my main goal was to raise awareness about snoring and the health risks that may lurk behind the noise, leading people to diagnosis and treatment to improve their sleep and well-being.

K: Did you enjoy writing this book?

N: Yes! I actually wrote my first draft ten years ago on a piece of construction paper when I was helping in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom.

K: Is it true you were inspired by your husband’s snoring?

N: Yes. That morning at my daughter’s school was after another night of interrupted sleep due to my husband’s snoring. My noisy nights actually gave me the inspiration to me to write this book because I knew I wasn’t the only one having difficulty with this problem. I just had no idea how prevalent this issue was and is!

K: Are you surprised by the public’s response and interest in this book?

N: Not really. Snoring is a huge family issue and people are receptive to a book to which they can relate. The illustrator, Stephen Gilpin, brought the story to life with his wonderful illustrations. So, My Daddy Snores brings humor to a not so funny subject.

K: Is there anything you might have changed or done differently?

N: No, nothing I can think of now. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be published by Scholastic. One of the best things about being a children’s author is visiting schools. Reading to and sharing thoughts with the children is a joy.

K: Did writing this book help you understand more about snoring?

N: Certainly, however I am not a medical expert on the subject. I believe it is my responsibility to have enough knowledge about the information to lead readers to excellent information and resources, as well as to offer guidance to seek medical diagnosis and treatment.

K: Has this book made you more interested in sleep and health?

N: Yes, I am much more aware of the health issues related to sleep. We all need to recognize how significant sleep is. It is the 1/3rd of our lives that impacts the quality of the other 2/3rds of our lives!

K: Will we expect more children’s books from you in the future?

N: Yes, I hope to have other books published and am working on a number of projects.

K: Now are you getting a better night’s sleep?

N: Sometimes it’s still a problem, but we’re working on it!

If you have a close relative that snores, this book may be a good introduction to learning more about snoring and sleep so that you and your family can lead a healthier lifestyle….as well as to have quiet nights! This is an interesting and highly recommended children’s book for every parent and child to understand more about sleep and sleep disorders. Health practitioners, as well as those with a specialty in sleep, will find My Daddy Snores to be an excellent way to start a dialogue about sleep with their patients.

The words of Nancy Rothstein flow throughout the book in a whimsical fashion, and Stephen Gilpin’s illustrations are playful and entertaining for everyone. This is a must read! Visit the author’s family friendly website at for a wealth of information. The site offers games and learning opportunities for children, as well as a resource center for adults and an up-to-date news center.

Dr. Nikos Linardakis is a physician executive based in Salt Lake City and the author of the forthcoming book Ten Natural Ways to a Good Night’s Sleep. Visit

Kassandra Metos is an intern writer and fellowship recipient with Tharos Laboratories, Inc.