The Mission of Sleep and Health: From the Editor.

From the Editor

From the dawn of civilization we are all searching for the secrets of health. For the last several centuries we did this search for the health treasures during the day time activities, and it was very fruitful. We are proud of grandiose achievements in physics, technology, biology, medicine, etc.

What we did not know until 50 years ago that the breakthrough secrets of health are hidden under the cover of night, in our sleep. Why so? Because when our consciousness is sleeping, our brain and body are going through active reorganizations, a sort of internal house cleaning job. Major hormones, like growth hormone, thyroid, insulin cortisol, sex hormones are released during the night in a certain chain reactions. Our metabolism is speeding up several times a night. Another words, almost all our “software” re-programming are running in sleep, for good or bad. And we better know about them  before it is too late.

Sleep medicine became a fore post of science about health and a very practical part of day-to-day medicine.

The mission of “Sleep and Health”, monthly periodical since 2001, is to educate public and health professional about advances of sleep medicine, to inform about credible health products and devices, to help to find a right doctor or sleep related service in your area that is most suitable for your problems.

We, at “Sleep and Health” see our mission to be a “bridge” between general public, sleep medical community, sleep related industry, and public health policy makers.

Read us. Write to us. Send your ideas and opinions about any sleep – alertness, mood, performance topics. “Sleep and Health” is written by you and for you.

The best definition of Health is “Good Sleep and Productive Alertness”