Homeopathic Remedies for Enuresis

Alexander Golbin MD.

This article is for parents of children with bedwetting (enuresis) and those are interested in alternative medicine for children and adolescents.

Bedwetting (enuresis) is a potentially serious medical and psychological problems affecting about two millions of children every year form age 6 to the adulthood.

Many parents and patients who did not get help form a so called traditional medicine turned their hope to alternative medicine. In this article we will look into remedies that homeopathic medicine offers to help those afflicted with bedwetting.

There are about 134 homeopathic remedies listed in credible homeopathic reference books for incontinence of urine at night (1). Unfortunately, these reference books often did not differentiate those with organic disorders of the bladder, kidneys and other parts of the urinary system from urine incontinence due to sleep – related dysfunctions. A list of recommended is available from the National Center of Homeopathy (2).

A few examples of the “names “ of the recommended homeopathic remedies are:

    1) Belladonna

      Recommended for cases of involuntary urination (bedwetting)
      during sleep, especially for those who frequently wet after midnight and toward the morning, have restless sleep with sudden starts, moaning and screaming in sleep.

      Warnings: Belladonna is one of the strongest chemicals affecting heart and might cause irreversible heart arrhythmias and death. The prescription should be prepared in credible homeopathic
      pharmacy in homeopathic (super-small) dosages. Please, consult with yours or a homeopathic physician for the dosages and the length of the course.

    2) Causticum – Also recommended for a sleep related bedwetting, especially for those who wet during the first half of the night, or when coughing or sneezing, or children with allergic reactions to smoked food.

    Note: Consult with pediatrician because of a possibility of the opposite (paradoxical) effect.

    3) Equisetum – For those with an irritable bladder who has urgent and frequent day
    and night urinations.
4) Sepia – Recommended for children who wet during the first have of the night.
    5) Sulfur – For bedwetters who love sweets and spices, who are ‘hot and sweaty”, wetting the bed mostly during the second half of the night. 

It is important to note that homeopathic medicines are FDA inspected and approved.

Their content and preparation can be found in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (4). These medications are credible, but, as with all medications, they should be given in a complex with other medications and means by professionals to avoid side effects.

We will review other current traditional, alternative and new treatments of bedwetting in the following articles.

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About the author:
Alexander Golbin, MD,PhD is a Child psychiatrist and a Sleep Specialist. He is Director of Sleep and Behavior Medicine Institute in the Chicago area, Author of books: ’The World of Children Sleep” and a textbook “Sleep Psychiatry”. Dr. Golbin is Editor in Chief of the nations web Journal “Sleep and Health”