Highland Park, Il; Innovative Treatment Protocols For Fast Relief Of TMJ (TMD) Disorders: You Deserve A Better Quality Of Life

Patients who are living with TMJ disorders, TMD and Chronic Tension Headaches, Sinus Pain or Migraines want relief now. http://www.ThinkBetterLife.com is the new website dedicated to patients seeking quick relief and of TMD disorders and headaches. Long term correction of these disorders always starts with quick relief of the current pains.

Many patients think that TMJ (TMD) disorders are only treated with splints. Dr Ira Shapira utilizes a multifaceted approach to giving patients quick and lasting relief from their chronic pain. He utilizes Diagnostic Neuromuscular Orthotics and has over 30 years experience in Neuromuscular Dentistry. He trained with Barney Jankelson the founder of this field and with Bob Jankelson, his son. In addition to utilizing Neuromuscular Dentistry he is one of only a handful of practitioners to utilize SPG Blocks (Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks), Trigger Point Injections and Spray and Stretch techniques to treat Myofascial Pain and Muscle pain from Fibromyalgia. He trained with Dr Janet Travell who wrote the book Myofacial Pain and Dysfunction: A Trigger Point Manual.

Dr Shapira spent years doing research into sleep apnea and its connection to jaw position. His early research was done as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the 1980’s at Rush Medical School in The Sleep Disorder clinic. He worked closely with Dr Rosalind Cartwright the acknowledged Mother of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr Cartwright recruited Dr Shapira to return to Rush as an Asst Professor in the 1990’s till early this century.

The connections between impaired nasopharyngeal breathing and development of ADD and ADHD in children was the topic of a recent lecture Dr Shapira gave in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The development of chronic TMJ disorders, headaches, migraines and postural distortions were all discussed at his lecture to members of ICCMO, The International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics of which Dr Shapira is a Fellow and Secretary. Dr Shapira is a representative from ICCMO to the American Alliance of TMD Organizations.

In the 1990’s Dr Shapira was a star lecturer for the A4M, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine where he presented his work on the effect of TMJ disorders across ones lifetime. Premature aging and loss of memory and even dementia and Alzheimers disease are part of the same ongoing problem. Sleep Apnea and snoring are types of TMJ disorders according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH in their report: Cardiovascular and Sleep Related Consequences of Temporomandibular Disorders.

Dr Shapira has been utilizing a multifaceted approach toward relieving chronic pain associated with TMJ disorders for over 30 years and is now bringing his expertise to the North Shore Communities of Chicago. He created www.IHATECPAP.com which addressed Sleep Apnea and snoring and utilizing oral appliances to treat these problems. He also created www.ihateheadaches.org that focuses on many types of headaches and the role of Neuromuscular Dentistry in providing relief of these problems.

The DNA Appliance is offering a possible cure for sleep apnea and TMJ disorders by growing the jaws utilizing Epigenetic Orthodontics. Until recently it was believed these changes could only be accomplished through extensive surgical procedures.

Dr Shapira has also studied Cranial Suture Release techniques and Chirodontics. He inroduced these concepts to a Chiropracter who is his friend and colleague, Dr Mark Freund . Dr Freund has embraced these concepts in totality and has become an expert in these techniques through immersive studying both in the US and Internationally. His primary office is in Lindenhurst but he also sees Cranial patients in Gurnee in Dr Shapira’s office www.delanydentalcare.com.

Dr Freund will be treating patients in Dr Shapira’s Highland Park office. These techniques treat not only TMJ Dysfunction but also postural distortion such as forward head posture that leads to headaches and neck pain. These postural distortions can have negative effects throughout the entire body.