Great News for Patients with Severe Dry Mouth from Sleep Apnea, Sjogrens, or drug side effects. Gelclaire May Be Your Answer.

I have just received great news for patients who suffer from dry mouth symptoms related to Sjogrens , drug side effects and sleep apnea related dry mouth. Gelclair is a product that is approved for treating oral mucositis related to chemotherapy. The use for treating dry mouth symptoms is an off label use but it is extremely safe and efficacious in treating dry mouth. Gelclaire became unavailable when the U.S. distributor dropped the product because it was not a primary part of it’s business. I contacted the NIH who still listed and recommended the product for oral mucositis. There were no problems with the product but it was no longer available.

The product comes in small single use packets designed to be diluted with two tablespoons of water. I have my patients with dry mouth use the product full strength and spread it over oral mucous membrnes with their finger tip. One package will last several days when used in this fashion. I have found it very effective in treating dry mouth related to snoring and ortal appliance use. Some patients considered Gelclair to be a “Miracle” solution.

I have also used the material following surgical procedures in the mouth to coat the mucosal surfaces. Patients report less discomfort and it appears to speed healing. This is based on personal observations not a scientific study. The only complaint I had from patients were that it tasted like black licorice (due to Anise root) that some patients hated and that it was not covered by insurance.

I just met with John Ausloos the regional Business Manager Dara Biosciences the new distributor who informed me that they have worked with insurance companies to improve insurance coverage. The product is expensive but many patients felt it was worth the cost even when not covered by insurance. The cost is not as bad when one packet is used over several days versus using the three packet diluted dosing approved by the FDA.

The product has been available for just one week. I think this new company will be very responsive to both the medical community and the public after meeting with Mr Ausloos. He met with me the day after I called the company. He is based in Milwaukee and my office is in Gurnee. He dropped off samples for my patients and explained how their new insurance plan will help make treatment more available for patients with their help.

My practice is dedicated to treating sleep apnea with oral appliances but I often see patients who require CPAP but cannot tolerate it. Gelclaire can help with dry mouth and dry nose symptoms that are secondary to CPAP use.

John has sent me new contact information for Gelclair, see below.
Thank you also for getting the word out about the availability of Gelclair to your colleagues! Since I do not cover the entire US the most timely and efficient way to contact Dara about Gelclair would be where under contact us at the bottom of the home page a request for a representative visit or samples can be submitted. Or use the Gelclair number 1-866-Gelclair (435-2524).

Please let me know how Gelclair is working for your patients.

John Ausloos
Regional Business Director

8601 Six Forks Road
Suite 160
Raleigh, NC 27615