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Dr. Benjamin Polan – Dentist Beverly MA

dentist beverly maDr. Polan, dentist Beverly MA, studied at Connecticut College and Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry. For over 25 years he has been practicing in the Boston Area, Dentist, Beverly MA. As a graduate of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies(LVI), he is trained in the discipline of combining aesthetic dentistry Cosmetic Dentist Beverly, MA and neuromuscular dentistry, TMJ Dentist to provide dental aesthetics as well as function in the treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction and disorders. (TMJD). Dr. Polan has also received extensive Sleep Disorder Training at the Somnomed Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the Allentown Pain Center, The Elite Dental Institute and The Tufts Dental School Mini Residency Program in Sleep Apneatraining him to treat TMJ, headache pain and Sleep Apnea Treatment Beverly MA.

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