Epigenetic Orthodontics: A New Frontier Available In Illinois. Future Of Orthodontics Is Available in Gurnee & Highland Park

Epigenetic Orthodontics is used to correct jaw development to an ideal state. We are all genetically blessed with all the information to have a perfect bite, a wide maxillary (uipper jaw) arch, a nose with a straight septum and ample breathing room and a body that breathes thru the night without sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is when our airway collapses while we sleep.

Unfortunately environmental factors can adversly affect our ideal development. Epigenetic Orthodontics uses the DNA Appliance to painlessly restore normal growth patterns and an ideal 3 dimensional craniofacial structure.

Unlike traditional orthodontics it works with removable appliances worn 12-16 hours a day. Traditional orthodontics places a force which causes pressure and inflamation, bone resorbtion, bone formation and the the process repeats. Epigenetic orthodontics is a very light force technique with movements less that 250 microns and the teeth move and the bones grow at the sutures in a two step process where there is no inflamation or pain.

Dr Shapira’s new office in Highland Park is opening November 2014. The office is located at 3500 Western Ave.

Visit the new website at www.thinkbetterlife.com

Growth of the palate also grows the nasal airway. A recent article in Cranio Journal shows that this can be the long sought after “CURE” for sleep apnea.

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