From the Editor

It is essential now to create the Consumer Sleep Related
Products and Services Review.

This Review will provide fair feedback from customers and
other reviewers about credibility of products and services. Detailed reviews
will be posted on our website:,
and summary will be printed in the Sleep and Health

Consumers Sleep Products and Services Reviews have the
following Objectives:

  • To offer an interactive, dynamic website that allows
    users to review sleep-related
    products and services according to clear categories.
  • This website is set up as an easy to use and
    aesthetically pleasing so users feel comfortable using it as a resource to find credible information about
    diagnostic, treatment and hygienic products, sleep centers, supporting
    organizations, sleep doctors, publications, websites, and other services.
  • Sleep-related products and services are set up so users
    could them and are
    able to comment and rate them according to a simple rating system. The results of
    professional and consumer reviews and the
    most popular products will be published in Sleep and Health.

Products and Services will be
divided into the following categories:p>





Sleep Medications

Alternative Treatments

Sleep Centers

Sleep Doctors




Each product will have a space for consumer’s comments and
link to more detailed information. Reviews will be provided for each category,
and the most popular products for the quarter will be printed in Sleep
and Health

We welcome any comments and suggestions about the structure
and content. Please, write your suggestions to: [email protected].