Dhiman Choudhury

Dhiman Choudhury, 44, sees sleep as a tranquil state – having achieved peace of mind.

“Dreaming Girl” painted in 2000 with acrylic on canvas conveys this mind state. The flowers of the quilt and pillow emphasize the beauty and the purity of the sleeping female figure.

For Choudhury, artistry pulsates with many vivid colors and rhythms. Originally from Calcutta, India, Dhiman trained for nine years in Italy and currently resides in Canada. Visual art came to him quite naturally. His family was immersed in music, photography and other forms of media.

Drawn by European painters, he migrated to Italy. In that environment he found freedom to experiment. His artistic temperament found infinite inspiration and that led to a great creative output. Italian critics and art enthusiasts loved his work and he received several awards. Between 1993 and 1998, his paintings were shown through private as well as government sponsored exhibitions around Italy. (He has more than 200 of his paintings throughout the world with private art collectors.)

“I feel the yearning and pain and this is what spurs my creative artistic urges into figurative, romantic and spiritual portrayals.”
– D. Choudhury