Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Epigenetic Orthodontics The Hip bone is Connected to the Jaw Bone, but not directly!

Cranio-Sacral therapy keys in on how the body works as a whole and not as individual units. This is based on the Nobel prize winning work of Dr Sherrington on the righting reflex. It is extremely important information for patients with chronic pain that includes the head and neck or Temporomandibular Jointsd (TMJ). Epigenetic Orthodontics and Neuromuscular Dentistry correct problems that deal with the “top block”.

Comprehensive treatment of TMJ disorders and Sleep disorders is available at my new office in Highland Park, illinois
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It is essential that one considers the hips and leg lengths when treating TMJ disorders (TMD). An excellent example of this can be found in an article by Judith Joy in Sleep and Health Journal. Read a patients perspective on Epigenetic Orthodontic Treatment with the DNA Appliance

Judith describes how her bite affects her hips and her hips affect her bite in her fourth month of treatment with the DNA appliance.