Sleep Disorders from A to Zzz

Studies indicate that pain interferes with sleep, and sleep problems can worsen pains. As a specific example, up to two thirds of individuals with arthritis experience pain during the night. […]

Delayed sleep-phase syndrome is a disorder in which the major sleep episode is delayed in relation to the desired clock time, resulting in symptoms of sleep onset insomnia or difficulty […]

Dear Dr. Sleep, Help! For years I’ve been able to hide my sleep problems, but now, with children who have to be carpooled, and get to school on time, I […]

According to their hypothesis, mildly disordered behavior of a specific organ or a system may actively serve as an alternative compensation to serious life threatening diseases. An example of active […]

First, consider your personal habits. Set a bedtime and a waking up time. When your body is able to follow a certain rhythm, you will feel better. Avoid napping throughout […]

Sleep Apnea By Alexander Golbin, MD, PhD Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder occurring during sleep where an individual has recurrent episodes of stopping breathing (apnea) for short periods of […]

Dr. Leonid Kayumov, Ph.D., Chief Editor of Canadian Edition Part Two of Two Imaging technology is particularly useful for the investigation of nocturnal seizure disorder (e.g. frontal lobe epilepsy), the […]